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Almost all our bases can provide an enclosed and/or covered car park. The number of places (especially covered spaces) is limited at certain bases. It is therefore wise to reserve a place, especially if you have a camper van, trailer or caravan.

The bases at Agen, Briare, Chioggia, Mikolajki and those in Germany have special terms and conditions and prices.

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Taxi and transfers

Whether you are arriving by plane or train, Locaboat can help you organise your transfer to your base and back. For one-way trips, we can also organise your transfer by taxi or escort your vehicle. You simply need to book your transfers directly at your start base. You will find the addresses on our website in the Your start base section.

The airport (station)/base transfers must be reserved from the base in question. Send your request 15 days in advance by fax or e-mail, stating your name, reference number, boat, trip start day and information about your flight (flight number, origin, arrival date and time) or train (arrival date and time). It is not possible to book by telephone.

In the event of one-way trips, taxis cannot be booked; they must be ordered from the base itself. The price of the taxi must be paid directly to the driver and only in cash.

Bike hire

The bicycle: a perfect partner for your trip.

We can offer cycle hire. These can be easily stored on the deck of your boat, providing you with even greater mobility and another way of discovering the sights. Many canals and rivers have been adapted for cycling and there are some lovely rides to be had. Riding along the towpath will bring you even closer to nature.

Do not hesitate to take the back roads and visit a village or an important historical site, or to take a gastronomic break.

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Dinghy hire (Ireland and Italy)

This highly practical extra will be particularly popular with fishermen, mushroom hunters, bird watchers and all nature lovers. You will be able to visit the most hidden spots or cast off while your boat remains moored in a perfectly sheltered bay.

It is mandatory to wear a life jacket when on a dinghy or rowing boat. It is strictly forbidden to ride in a dinghy or rowing boat that is being towed. N.B. the number of dinghies and engines is limited. Order yours in time!

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Ordering groceries

You can stock up on supplies in almost every canal- or riverside village: check your river guide, which will give you precise details about where to find a grocer's, bakery, fishmonger or butcher's. On the start date of your cruise, use your car for any bulky purchases.

We can also take responsibility for purchasing the things on your first shopping list.

We will deliver your order to a local shopkeeper, who will prepare your order and deliver it to the base or on board your boat on the first day of your trip. You must pay the shopkeeper directly for your order.

You will be charged €10 for this service. It is not available at the Besançon and Mikolajki bases. For Valence-sur-Baïse, this service must be ordered from the Agen base.
You can place your order on our website and send your purchase order within 10 days prior to arrival at the relevant base.

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Inclusive pack

All of our start bases can offer the Inclusive pack. This offers a range of services at a reduced price. This Inclusive pack includes the damage waiver, diesel for fuel and heating (if there is oil heating), the cleaning service and a bicycle (except in Italy).
The document below contains details about the price of this package, depending on the type of boat and duration of trip. The Inclusive pack can be reserved in advance or selected at the base on the first day of your trip. It must be paid for at the base.

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Fuel advance

Your boat will have a full tank of diesel fuel when you set off. Depending on the type of boat and the region, your tank should last for two or three weeks. When you return, we will fill up the tank to reduce queues and make things easier for you.
Your consumption is calculated on the basis of the number of actual sailing hours displayed on the boat's hour meter and according to the consumption indicated below. In the event of a longer stay, the base staff will inform you about the procedure you will need to follow.

    • When you set off, the base will ask you to pay a fuel advance, depending on the length of your stay. This will be deducted from the amount owed when you return. This fuel advance is not necessary if you choose the 'Inclusive' Pack.

    • For information purposes, in 2014 the price for one day's sailing varied from €20 and €35, depending on the type of boat and fluctuations in the price of diesel.

    • The heating and hot water production in certain Pénichettes® and Europas runs on diesel oil. A specific hour meter for the boiler will indicate the operating time (the cost can vary greatly depending on the season and the temperature required on board).

Type of boats Boats Fuel Consumption (L / H)
Pénichettes Classique P.935 / P.935W 3.0
P.1107 / P.1107 W / P.1106 FB 3.5
Pénichettes Aft-Deck P.1120 R 4.0
P.1260 R 4.5
P.1500 R 5.0
Pénichettes Flying Bridge P.1020 FB / P.1022 FB 3.8
P.1160 FB / P.1165 FB 4.0
P.1180 FB 4.2
P.1400 FB 4.8
P.1500 FB 5.1
Europa E400 / E600 4.8
E700 5.0
New Con Fly New Con Fly 4.8
Linssen Linssen 34.9 4.5

Deposit and damage waiver

All our boats are insured against accidental damage (e.g. collision with another boat, structure etc.) suffered by the boat and dinghies or caused to third parties by the use of the boat. However, the captain will remain financially liable up to the amount of the deposit (or entirely in the event of exclusion of any of the insurance cover). The passengers, their personal effects and civil liability are not covered.

However, thanks to what is known as the 'damage waiver', you can dispense with a deposit by paying a certain sum. You will also be exempt from paying any excess (except in cases excluded from the insurance cover).

The damage waiver option is included in the 'Inclusive' Pack.

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One-way cruise supplement

If you have booked a one-way cruise, we can organise the taxi transfer back to your departure base at the end of your cruise.

On request, this transfer can also be organised on the departure day. In many regions, there is additionally the possibility of a car transfer. The mentioned prices are valid for the regular routes between 8 am to 7 pm, except Sundays and holidays. Please note that these prices can change at any time

In some cases you will be asked a supplement of € 3 by suitcase and € 7 for a dog. You would have to pay directly the driver and in cash only. The taxi transfer or car transfer in case of a one-way cruise must be reserved at the base. Transporting bicycles is an exceptional transfer, please inquire at your departure base about the possibilities.

In the Captain's Handbook, you will find information concerning the means available for recovering your vehicle. We wish to draw your attention to the fact that a one-way trip is a supplement that may only be finally confirmed 3 days before you set off.

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Animals on board

Dogs and other pets are welcome on board our Pénichettes. Make sure you have all of the things your animal will need (including a blanket and basket). You will need to pay a fixed payment per animal at your start base, irrespective of the length of your cruise. Also,remember to bringa cage foryour pet in case of taxi transfer to your base.

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Arrival and return to the base

Getting to your start base

By road:

  • Road access: View the details of how to get to your start base in the your start base section.
  • Consider booking a parking space
  • If you have chosen a one-way cruise, book your taxi or vehicle escort directly on site. Should you require a transfer of your vehicle, do not forget the vehicle's papers.

By train or plane:

  • It is perfectly possible to organise a transfer from or to the station or airport when arriving at or leaving your start base. Should be booked directly from the base (except Ireland) 2 or 3 weeks before you set off. You will find all the prices in the Captain's Handbook

Arrival: Formalities and boarding

The formalities and boarding will take place on the first day of your trip between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m.

The bases will also be open on that day between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m.

Those who arrive in the morning by train or plane may leave their luggage at reception. The bases can store your luggage until you return from your cruise.

Some bases have specific opening hours: Chioggia, Ketzin, Valence-sur-Baïse  and Mikolajki. You will find details on how to get to the base on our website in the your start base section.

Once you arrive at your start base, you will need 15 to 30 minutes to complete all the administrative formalities. Any extra services you have selected must be paid for at the base, before you set off. Our staff will be delighted to give you advice about the suggested itinerary and can inform you about any specific characteristics of the waterways along which you will travel.

Important formalities

  • The rental contract
  • The 'Carte de Plaisance' in France and the 'Charterbescheinigung' in Germany.
  • The choice of the Inclusive pack or the deposit/damage waiver and the fuel advance deposit
  • The theoretical initiation to sailing

Returning to the base

The boat must be returned between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. However, bearing in mind the opening times of the locks (9 a.m. in most regions), we recommend that you arrive at your base the previous evening. In order to save time with the return formalities (cleaning, inventory, payment of the fuel corresponding to your final consumption), you can opt for the inclusive pack. View details.

Cruising tuition

Our boat manager will give you all the tuition you need to make sure you are confident and ready to set off. He will show you how to use the equipment, the engine and the controls. Once you have grasped the theory you’ll then have a practical lesson - you’ll get used to it all in no time. Then we recommend that you spend the first night at the base to settle-in and get familiar with everything.

The following morning you can head off on your cruise with total peace of mind. You will be the captain, in charge, and fully able to manoeuvre your boat, moor-up and go through any locks on your route.

Key documents & Information

Preparing for your holiday

Once your booking has been confirmed, you will receive your 'Captain's Handbook', a handy source of all the essential information you need: from getting to your base to the equipment inventory, not to mention all the services on offer. This book is an introduction to your trip and our helpful staff will complete it on site. Instead of waiting to receive it, you can download it straight away from the key documents section of our website.

In addition to the Captain's Handbook, we have created a website entirely dedicated to how to prepare for your trip:

Information about your start base, order forms for the various extras (transfers, taxis, shopping list etc.), essential documents to download and many other useful pieces of information, it's all there!

The blog section on our site will also enable you to read comments from previous customers and discover a wide range of tips to help make your cruise as enjoyable as possible’.

Pre-trip checklist

You are finally ready, but before you set off, here is a list of things not to forget:

  • Final payment at least 6 weeks before it starts. You can now pay the balance on line from the customer section.

  • Remind each of your party members to bring their ID documents.

  • Calculate any supplementary costs to be paid on arrival at the base: fuel advance, deposit and damage waiver, pets. You can find details about the supplements here.

  • If you wish, sign up for the Inclusive pack, which includes damage waiver, diesel for fuel and heating (if there is oil heating), the cleaning service and a bicycle (except in Italy).

  • Taking out personal accident insurance. Our boats are insured against any accidental damage suffered by the boat or caused to third parties through the use of the boat. However, the captain will remain financially liable up to the amount of the deposit (or entirely in the event of exclusion of any of the insurance cover). Individuals, their personal effects and civil liability are not covered.

  • Book your extras, such as bikes, parking, cleaning service, shopping list etc. You will find all the extras and supplements available at the base in the following section.

  • If your trip is one way, organise transfer back to your vehicle (if required).

  • Consider ordering life jackets for the children on board.

In your suitcase:

  • Sensible clothes and good, non-slip shoes.
  • Gloves (gardening-type). There's nothing better for holding onto a mooring rope without hurting your hands!
  • A few clothes pegs and a lighter.
  • Sun cream, medicines.
  • Cards, board games, books, guides.
  • Chargers and cables (iPod, mobiles etc.).
  • Is your dog coming with you? Don't forget its things (bowl, blanket etc.).
  • Cash for shopping.

On board the Pénichette, you will find all the crockery and kitchen utensils you need for cooking a romantic dinner or a meal on the bridge, whether in the heart of the countryside or moored in a port. You will always be able to make use of an ironing board, oven, refrigerator, sink and cooking pans, saucepans and enough assorted crockery for the maximum number of passengers on board.

Similarly, you will find all the bedding (sheets, duvets, pillows) and a set of towels matching the number of passengers. Lastly, on board you will find a mini welcome pack with the most essential products (toilet paper, sponge, box of matches).

couverture-brochureThe Captain's Handbook

Rest assured that we will do everything in our power to make your stay a complete success. We had this goal in mind when preparing the Captain's Handbook. It will answer any questions you may have concerning your trip. Not only will you find all the essential information inside, but also some tips and suggestions to make your stay even easier.

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The River Guide

The river guide is an essential element of your cruise. It has details of shops and tourist sites and the location of villages, locks and navigation services. It will include a detailed map of your cruise.

If you wish, you can order the guide when making a booking in order to prepare your holiday in the best possible way. For most of our itineraries, a guide will be sufficient. However, there are some routes which will require several guides. This is an overview of the itineraries which will require several guides or a specific guide:


France :

  • France's river guide : 25€
  • Scey-sur-Saône and Besançon's special river guide for one ways : 50€

Holland :

  • South Holland's river guide : 15€
  • North Holland's river guide : 30€
  • Specific guide for stays over 10 days: 45€

Italy :

  • Venice Lagoon's river guide : 14€
  • Specific guide for Brenta Canal : 28€


  • River Guide + Germany CD : 36€
  • Specific guide for one ways between Fürstenberg and Ketzin : 72€

Ireland :

  • Ireland's river guide : 15€

Poland :

  • Poland's river guide: 10€

We will automatically send you the guide for your cruise. If you need several guides or a specific one, please tell us when you book.

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