Travel in Burgundy on a penichette® with your family 

Cruising in Burgundy is a unique experience as it is the most beautiful French cruising region thanks to its great heritage and history.



For those who are gastronomy lovers, Burgundy will match all requirements not to mention great wines connoisseurs who will be able to get some very nice bottles. Those who are fascinated by historical heritage will also be fully satisfied. Also, if you are simply dreaming of being lost in the heart of nature and surrounded by a peaceful wildlife atmosphere, this is Burgundy which you need!

Cruise in Burgundy with departure from Briare or Montbard and discover a unique heritage

Briare Aqueduct



From Briare, cross its aqueduct built by Gustave Eiffel or cruise your boat close by the numerous locks of Rogny-les-7-ecluses, built during the reign of henri the 4th, king of France. If you choose to start your boating holidays from Montbard, cross one of the most beautiful village of France called Flavigny-sur-Ozerain or just moor your boat to visit the wonderful abbey of Fontenay. Burgundy is one of the top destination of France to learn history and visit the french heritage.


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Start your cruise in Burgundy from the departure base of Saint Leger or Joigny to focus your holidays on gastronomy and wineries.

Asperule, a restaurant in Auxerre

Cote Saint Jacques, a restaurant in Joigny


From Saint-Léger-sur-Dheune, you will access to the best restaurants of the region, some are rewarded by « le guide Michelin » as the Lameloise in Chagny or the four starred restaurants of Tournus. Then moor your boat and visit some of the most famous wineries in Burgundy around Santenay, Rully, Bouzeron, Chassagne or Pulligny Montrachet. If you choose to start your holidays from Joigny, before boarding, have a lunch or a dinner at the famous Cote Saint Jacques, a two stars restaurant or moor close by Auxerre to meet chef Keigo Kimura who has just earned is first star.


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If you fancy escaping the city and cruising into a wild nature, start your holidays from Scey sur Saône or Corbigny.


Boat in the middle of nowhere

Boat in the middle of nowhere


From Scey sur Saone, cruise on the river Saône, one of the favourite spot for Penichette lovers. In the middle of nature, you will find easily a place to moor and enjoy being far from your routine. If you choose Corbigny, enjoy wonderful landscapes with old trees and animals all around your boat.


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