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Supplements to be paid on arrival

The base will require payment of the following supplements prior to departure. You will find all the relevant information on our dedicated website (

Similarly, all the prices of the services and supplements can be found on or in the Captain's Book, which can be downloaded from this website. 

Fuel advance

The hourly rate is displayed in all the bases. As an illustration, the daily price varies from €20 to €35, depending on the type of boat and the price of diesel.
This advance is calculated according to the length of your trip and will be deducted from the sum to be paid when you return.

Fuel consumption per hour of our fleet (pdf)

Damage deposit / Damage waiver

All our boats are covered for all accidental damage (i.e. collision with another boat, buildings…) suffered by our boat, dinghy or to a third party by the use of the boat. However, the captain may still also be financially liable for additional penalties if he has broken navigation rules or willfully caused an accident. Passengers on board the boat, their personal effects and their public liability are not covered by this insurance.

Please note: in Italy, you will be asked for a credit or debit card imprint to cover any fines, and any costs incurred in connection with being re-floated after running aground.

Damage deposit

  • Loss or breakage of equipments on the boat (inventory), bad maintenance and non accidental damages to the boat.
  • Abandonment of the boat during the cruise by the client or the late return of the boat.
  • Damage.

Damage Waiver

  • Exemption from the damage deposit.
  • Exemption from the expenses of repair in case of damage, except in case of exclusion of the guarantees of assurance (see our general conditions of sale).
  • No exemption from the payment of the losses and breakage or expenses incurred by the abandonment of the vessel (see the two first points of the paragraph ‘Damage deposit’).
  • The damage waiver does not exempt from the payment of the advance on fuel.

Read more about the Damage deposit and Damage waiver

Prices for the Damage deposit and Damage waiver >> (pdf)

The inclusive pack (replace fuel advance + damage deposit / damage waiver)

On all our bases, we offer you the ‘inclusive pack’. This service package, offered to a lower price, allows you to calculate the extra charges to a fix price, without considering the fuel price. This ‘inclusive pack’ includes a damage waiver, the diesel for navigation and heating (if your boat has a diesel heating system), the cleaning service and one bicycle (not in Italy). You will find below the price of this package for the type of boat you have hired, the country and the length of your stay. The ‘inclusive pack’ should be pre-booked and must be paid at the base, on the day of arrival. return.

Read more about the inclusive pack

Prices for the inclusive pack (pdf)

One-way cruise supplement

Supplement: € 130
(this supplement does not include getting the crew home).

Find here information to book a transfer or a car transfer in case of a one-way trip

Animals on board

Price: Pénichettes, Europas and New Con Fly 35€/animal

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