Boating holidays in Burgundy & Saône

Sail along the Canal du Centre and enjoy the great Côte Chalonnaise vineyards, such as Mercurey, Santenay and Montrachet during your barging holiday!

Your canal cruise will also offer you plenty of opportunities for a swim in the Saône, Doubs and Seille rivers.

Heading up the Canal des Vosges towards Fontenoy le Château and Epinal will take you through the magnificent Vosges Forest. The Saône is one of the most beautiful rivers in France, with few locks, a rural setting, large and comfortable farms with roofs that hang down over the walls and flower-filled balconies.

Or you could choose the Seille, a delightful river which winds its way through the countryside across the animal breeding region of Bresse as far as Louhans. The Seille river is sometimes called 'the most beautiful detour in France' and the area has won gastronomic honours for its famous Bresse poultry.



Saône-Lyonnais Start base: MACON

Canal cruise in Burgundy : saône lyonnais

Seille, Saône

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Burgundy & BresseStart bases: ST-LEGER-SUR-DHEUNE, MACON

Canal cruise in Burgundy : burgundy and bresse

Canal du Centre, Saône, Seille

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Saône & Franche-Comté Start bases: SCEY-SUR-SAONE, DELUZ

Canal cruise in Burgundy : saône and franche comté

Petite Saône, Saône, Canal des Vosges, Doubs.

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Things to see in Burgundy & Saône

  • French cellar in burgundy

    Discover our new « a la carte » activities in Burgundy

    Locaboat is glad to propose you a selection of heritage-and-gastronomy-based activities, accessible from your Pénichette®. Enjoy a wine tasting session or a guided tour in Burgundy and make the most of your boating holidays. These activities are available on any cruise departing from Saint Léger sur Dheune and Mâcon in Burgundy.

  • Besançon & river Doubs

    Locaboat self-drive hire-boat, cruising at Besançon sur le DoubsBesançon is a city of art and history, dominated by the Vauban Citadelle, nicely nestled within the bends of the Doubs river. There are two ways to visit the city from your boat: either you follow the loop of the river for a sightseeing tour along the ancient wall or you go through the tunnel that closes the loop.

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  • Our pick: the Saône River

    Cruise on the Soane aboard a self-drive hire-boat from LocaboatThe Saone river is one of themost beautiful destination for your boating holidays even though not the most well-known. At its start in Scey, the river is as narrow as a canal and miles after miles it gets wider. You will sail among forests and grasslands in a well preserved natural area. The place is the perfect location for a swim or to fish from your boat.

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  • The “must see” of Canal du Centre

    Paray Monial on a cruise in Burgundy, FranceThe Canal du Centre, ideally located, flows through the vineyards of Chalonnais and Beaune: Mercurey, Rully, Maranges and Montrachet are just on the river bank next to your canal boat.

    Chalon-sur-Saône will enchant you. This burgundian town is worth stopping by for its history and its gastronomy. The medieval city of Tournus is also a must see thanks to its picturesque beauty mixing Mediterranean influence.

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  • Waterways in Franche-Comté

    Waterways Franche Comté, FranceThe Saône

    At the edge of Franche-Comté, the Saône reveals little by little its rich legacy in the heart of the countryside. In the east, the south part of the Vosges massif gives you an idea of the joys of the mountains.

    The Doubs

    Its navigable part flows through 200 km of a wild and charming area. The Canal du Rhône au Rhin, which accompanies and extends the Doubs, offers a varied navigation from still waters to natural flows.

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