Boating holidays in Müritz & Mecklenburg

Cruise along the canals of northern Germany and the great lakes of Mecklenburg aboard your self drive boat. This is a cruising area of great natural beauty, ideal for bathing and a fisherman's paradise.

The Fleesensee lake is one of the most beautiful regions in Germany. Lake Müritz is close by and home to many different birds. You will head west from Fürstenberg towards the great lakes of Mecklenburg. Your first port of call is likely to be the rococo castle at Rheinsberg.

You need to be a little more careful when cruising in these vast, fast-flowing waters than when on a canal; but you will feel richly rewarded when laying anchor in the middle of a lake and diving into some of the purest water in Europe, surrounded by sublime and unspoilt scenery. The perfect boating holiday destination for nature lovers!


MecklenburgStart base: FÜRSTENBERG

Canal cruise in the Mecklenburg

Obere Havel, die kleine Seenplatte, Müritz, Plauer See, Müritz-Elde

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Canal cruise in Müritz

Lake Müritz, Lake Plauer See, Müritz-Elde-Waterway

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Things to see in Mecklembourg

  • Jump into the water!

    Locaboat self-drive hire-boat cruise, bathing in GermanyFurstenberg/Gransee has been ranked first town in Germany for its air and water quality. Six other towns in the area also belong to the top ten most ecologically minded places in Germany, which explains why Mecklenburg is such an outstanding area for nature, and why it has such a rich fauna and flora. It is the perfect place to enjoy your canal boat hire, swim and fish.

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  • Gastronomy in Germany

    Dried fish, a German culinary specialty

    From simple pubs to fine restaurants, you will find a wide choice of eating places handy for your cruise. Nor will you have any problem in doing your shopping in well-stocked shops. Do try smoked fish, the great regional special: carp, trout and eel that you can buy in the many small smokehouses which serve the local fisherman, and guarantee fresh produce. Germany is the perfect location to have a "gourmet cruise"

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  • Moor in the heart of Berlin

    Locaboat self-drive hire-boat cruise in Brandenburg, GermanyThe city has made great strides in opening up large numbers of overnight halts for passing boats. Enjoy all the tourist spots during your cruise, stopping in Berlin.

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  • Fishing in Germany

    Fisherman on a boat in GermanyFishing in Germany requires a licence and a fishing card. Those who don't have a licence (non-residents) can buy a tourist licence (approx. 20 €) in tourist offices. The fishing card (for predatory and non-predatory fish), valid for over 20 lakes and the river Havel, costs apprx. 32 € per week and person.

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