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03 February 2014

Five events that are not to be missed on a barge cruise in Germany

Using barge holidays to attend cultural events is an excellent way of getting to know an area. All you have to do is to arrange your dates for self-drive boat hire around the most interesting events.

Barge cruises that leave from Ketzin, about 40 km from Berlin, are a wonderful way to get to know the capital of Germany and its surroundings. This region, crossed by rivers such as the Spree and the Havel, has a wealth of culture and lots of unmissable events.

Among the most important events in the capital city is the Carnival of Cultures, from 6 to 9 June 2014, which takes place in the off-beat district of Kreuzberg and features many artistic, craft-based and culinary traditions. In autumn, after dark, the Festival of Lights, held between 10 and 19 October 2014, will use a light show to transform Berlin’s historic monuments.

October 2014 will use a light show to transform Berlin’s historic monuments

In the springtime, you could stop off on the River Havel, in the small town of Werder, near Potsdam, for the Tree Blossom Festival that takes place from 26 April to 4 May 2014.

And during the night of 16 August, all the castles and pavilions in the grounds of Sans-Souci, the private retreat of Frederick II (Frederick the Great) of Prussia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will be open to the public for a series of extraordinary events, including dance, pantomime, living statues, music, fireworks. Those who have opted for barge holidays in the Mecklenburg area will have the chance to discover the Dragon Boat Festival on 30 and 31 August 2014, a show that's full of interest for anyone who loves cruising and barges.


For all details or for information about other events in the Brandenburg and Mecklenburg area, visit the website of the German National Tourist Office.


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