Gastronomy in Ardennes

Gastronomy in Ardennes, FranceThe game-rich region of the Ardennes offers many game specialities. Pies, ham and sausages complete the offer. Famous are the ham from the Ardennes, but connoisseurs prefer the white sausage, a typical speciality, produced by local butchers. Undisputed capital of white sausage is Rethel, a must for any houseboat vacationers, but also the white sausages Fumay are excellent. A gourmet festival is held there in its honor every year in July.

In any case, Gourmets should follow the canal de l'Aisne à la Marne and cruise towards Champagne. In Epernay and Reims, the former coronation city of French rulers, you can try champagne. One learns that this fine beverage is served and drunk at every opportunity: As an appetizer, to accompany a meal or a dessert, such as the light 'Biscuit de Reims'.



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