The heritage

The Burgundian heritage: Auxerre, France

Burgundy is attractive because of its amazing history and its wine. Discover all the beauty of the Burgundy area in France during your canal cruise.

Find in this news some great ideas of cities and castles to visit during your cruise.



The romanesque crypt of the cathedral, the clock tower, the old half-timbered houses all spell out the charm of this town. 

The chateaux of Tanlay and Ancy le Franc

Standing close to the canal, these two superb Renaissance chateaux conceal behind severe and massive exteriors graceful courtyards and sumptuously decorated suites of rooms.


Its main street edged with medieval houses, was a major pilgrimage site. The village has seen gather on the square in front of the basilique Sainte Madeleine crusaders on their way to Jerusalem as well as pilgrims en route to Compostela. This marvellous church, a jewel of Burgundian romanesque, appears on the UNESCO World Heritage site listings.

The Colancelle

Three great rock-hewn tunnels in quick succession and shortly afterwards a staircase of 16 locks allow the canal to overcome the major change in levels between Sardy-les-Epiry and Baye, where the canal runs alongside a lake.

Famous vineyards

The vineyards of Chablis and the wines of Irancy, a splendid village of gothic and renaissance buildings, both add lustre to Burgundy's reputation.



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