Waterways in Franche-Comté

Waterways Franche Comté, FranceThe Saône

At the edge of Franche-Comté, the Saône reveals little by little its rich legacy in the heart of the countryside. In the east, the south part of the Vosges massif gives you an idea of the joys of the mountains.

The Doubs

Its navigable part flows through 200 km of a wild and charming area. The Canal du Rhône au Rhin, which accompanies and extends the Doubs, offers a varied navigation from still waters to natural flows.

"Meeting point" for fishermen

Franche-Comté is fishermen's paradise! In the deep lakes, rivers and canals, there are plenty of trout, carps, eels, pikes, pike perches, whitefishes and even brown bullheads… The local fishers communities, the departmental federations and the tourism offices will be pleased to give you all the necessary information about it.



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