Moor in the heart of Berlin

Locaboat self-drive hire-boat cruise in Brandenburg, GermanyThe city has made great strides in opening up large numbers of overnight halts for passing boats. Enjoy all the tourist spots during your cruise, stopping in Berlin.

You can now moor up in the heart of the tourist areas, as follows:

Untere Havel-Wasserstrasse:
- near Charlottenburg: Pk 0,2

Spree Oder-Wasserstrasse:
- Schlosspark Charlotenburg: Pk 8,25
- Tiergarten (zoo): Pk 12,1
- Friedrichstrasse: Pk 15,4,
- opposite the Museums Island: Pk 16,1

- Nikolalviertel district: Pk 1,25
- Face Stralau: Pk 23,7
- Treptow: Pk 28,6.

- Kreuzberg: Pk 7,4
- Am Neuköllner Schiffahrtskanal: Pk 9,5

Berlin capital city

The town which two or three years ago was Europe's largest building site has now shed its scaffolding to appear transfigured. Since the summer of 1999 the official capital of Germany, Berlin combines the ultramodern with old established landmarks, such as the Reichstag with its new glass dome, the Brandenburg Gate and the Museums Island.

Do explore also beyond these famous areas in order to discover the genuine spirit of Berlin, particularly visiting by canal the busy Kreuzberg and Oranientor districts.



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