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Preparing for your holiday

Once your booking has been confirmed, you will receive your 'Captain's Handbook', a handy source of all the essential information you need: from getting to your base to the equipment inventory, not to mention all the services on offer. This book is an introduction to your trip and our helpful staff will complete it on site. Instead of waiting to receive it, you can download it straight away from the key documents section of our website.

In addition to the Captain's Handbook, we have created a website entirely dedicated to how to prepare for your trip:

Information about your start base, order forms for the various extras (transfers, taxis, shopping list etc.), essential documents to download and many other useful pieces of information, it's all there!

The blog section on our site will also enable you to read comments from previous customers and discover a wide range of tips to help make your cruise as enjoyable as possible’.

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Three good reasons to cruise with Locaboat

icon confortTried and trusted to deliver quality boating holidays since 1977
icon securite380 high quality boats and barges to choose from
icon liberte200 different cruises to enjoy in 24 regions across Europe

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