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self-drive boats in the south of france

Leave the town behind: take a short break on a boat

There are times when you just need a few days away from the daily grind. There’s no need to travel to the ends of the earth or take a year off to get back on track: just a weekend on a Pénichette© barge could be the ideal solution to recharge your batteries!

A tip for city residents, who are worn out by the gruelling pace, overcrowded public transport, stress and pollution: there’s a Locaboat base a few hours away.

Nothing could be easier than setting off on a Friday night and getting back in time for the office on Monday morning. And soon you’ll be able to spend a long weekend on a boat, thanks to the UK bank holidays on 4 and 25 May, which give you the chance for a slightly longer boating break.

If you’re starting off from the Paris or Lyon areas, the Burgundy bases in Montbard or Mâcon are only about 150 km away. From Paris you could also choose the Champagne area, which is even closer. Your weekend on a boat starts at Pont-à-Bar, on the Ardennes Canal, just over 100 km from Paris. What could be better than a weekend on a boat in France gliding along the waterway and discovering – or re-discovering – a beautiful region with its vineyards, and a landscape that was celebrated by the poet Arthur Rimbaud?

Of course, if you’re starting from Bordeaux or Toulouse, your weekend on a boat could begin from Agen, on the River Baïse for example, a delightful tributary of the Garonne, or on the Canal du Midi. If you’re starting from Marseille, you can easily get to the Camargue and the Rhône-Sète Canal.

When you visit France, no matter which city you start from, whether it’s in Brittany or Champagne, Burgundy or the South, you’re bound to find the perfect choice for a weekend on a boat not far away!


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