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04 June 2014


For Philippe Corset, boating is a great way to recharge your batteries, but it’s also a chance to reflect on what life's all about…

During almost 30 years of cruising with friends and family, I've come to realise that barge holidays are a way of shutting out everyday worries and the bustle of daily life, so that you can stand back and reflect on what life and sharing are all about.

That's because life aboard a Pénichette® means communal living, learning to have respect for others, liking them, listening to what they have to say, getting to know them better, and helping each other out. Very often, we use this time together to ask questions about our lives, our plans for the future, our doubts, hopes and fears. In other words, we philosophise – but we do it with a cocktail in hand, obviously! The unspoiled natural surroundings also help - we get to meet some nice animals as well as people!

Aboard our self-drive boat, we also enjoy having a sing-song, playing board games, having a laugh, and just enjoying a holiday in good company. Even the less enjoyable jobs, like washing-up or shopping, can give you a chance to spend time together and reconnect.

But when you feel like being alone and taking a breather, you can always get time to yourself, at the prow of the boat, with a good book or just your own private thoughts. I really think there's nothing better than barge holidays for recharging your batteries.


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