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02 July 2014


Two workaholics explain how a fortnight on the water has allowed them to switch off completely from the daily grind… and rediscover peace and quiet.

“I first found out about Locaboat in July 2013,” says Gilles Duquenne, “and in the space of a year, I’ve already had three trips!” After a first brief week-end, this youthful fifty-something got a real taste for boating and decided to go for two weeks, heading off to the Baise valley and the navigable rivers of Gers to join up with the Canal du Midi. “You have to go away for at least two weeks to really switch off from your daily routine. If we could, my partner and I would go away for a month!” Gilles is away from home a lot, travelling by car and by plane, and he longs for time out to relax. “My job as sales manager in the industrial sector often gets on top of me. Escaping onto the water is the best way to wind down.

And being on the river is even better than being out at sea, because there’s a restful calm that you don’t find anywhere else.”

For his third holiday, which was on the Saône, cruising to Dôle and along the Doubs canal, he opted for the Linssen rather than the Pénichette®. “You sleep so soundly on a boat, and the Linssen is just like a little yacht, it’s comfortably equipped, the layout is perfect and you’re in the lap of luxury.”

Like Gilles Duquenne, Charles Zurcher discovered how to let go when he was on board a Pénichette®. “I went to Haute Saône for a fortnight, and it was complete break. No more stress.” He and his wife thoroughly enjoyed everything they did and saw: herons, kingfishers, and holidaying families from other countries. “Peace and quiet; wild, beautiful scenery; and perfect tranquillity.”


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