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12 November 2014


Sam Eletre, founder of a company in the hi-tec sector, divides his time between Paris and California, but loves to return regularly to the peace of the canals for his holidays with his wife.

My wife and I have been spending most of our holidays travelling around France on Pénichettes© for almost 15 years now. We discovered Locaboat quite by chance through searching the internet, because we'd decided we wanted a holiday on the water. We liked their website and immediately became hooked - not just on this kind of holiday, but also on Locaboat.

I have to admit that we've tried other companies, but we've always come back to them because we've been struck by how attentive and thoughtful their service has been. As an example: because we've mainly taken our boats on the French canals, in the bay of the Somme, on the Loire or in Burgundy, we were a bit thrown by the geography when we went to the Venetian Lagoon. It was all very beautiful and pleasant, and the boat suited us, but when it came to navigating virtually out at sea, that wasn't really for us. After two or three days I was talking on the phone to a Locaboat representative and I just happened to mention that we were weren't very comfortable with it. He immediately suggested continuing our holidays on the same type of boat but on the Burgundy canal! We really appreciated his thoughtfulness. And that's the kind of thing that has turned us into loyal fans. So much so that from now on we're going to be dreadfully disloyal: we've just bought a boat of our own!


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