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12 June 2014

How do you use a bow-thruster on a self-drive boat?

Nowadays, almost all the self-drive boats available for hire from Locaboat, from the “Terrasse” to the “Flying Bridge”, are fitted with what's known as a “bow thruster”. This is a small electric or hydraulic motor that can make manœuvring much easier, especially when docking or leaving the harbour, or when passing through a lock.

Locaboat’s customers are glad to have a bow thruster because it makes their lives easier and makes cruising even more trouble-free. You use the bow thruster at low speed, for a period of no more than three to five seconds; but you can repeat this several times in a row. However, you have to remember that holding down the button for too long risks overheating the motor. It's better to push the button several times for a short period instead. This little push on the button, which gives a thrust to the bow of the boat, gives a bit of help when you need it, so you can feel happier carrying out slightly tricky manoeuvres. It makes you look like a proper skipper!



0 #1 Roger 2014-06-18 18:05
Of course if you don't use it it show you really know how to drive a boat!
After several years of boating in France and UK my family refer to bow thrusters as 'Gitlie Sticks'

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