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17 December 2014


For a successful canal boat holiday with Locaboat, it's important to make sure you have the right kind of clothing.

Obviously, it all depends on the season and the area where you're travelling. But whether it's a summer cruise along the Canal du Midi or autumn in Brittany or the Ardennes, the one accessory you should never forget is a good pair of gloves. If you want to avoid ruining your hands with the ropes when you're going through a lock, gloves are the essential item in every sailor's wardrobe!

A pair of comfortable shoes with anti-skid soles is also a must for walking on deck and around the boat.

No matter what the season, a windcheater or waterproof jacket is also a good idea in case there's a sudden shower. Whatever the season, we would also suggest a warm sweater.

In summer, you need swim wear, shorts and light clothing. And don't forget your beach towels (bathroom towels are provided, of course, as are sheets and blankets).

But even if the temperature is less balmy, don't forget that all Locaboat self-drive boats are equipped with either central heating or warm air heating : you'll always be warm enough and you comfort is guaranteed, whatever the weather.

In any case, you can always stop off in one of the little towns or villages along the river or canal, or make a last-minute purchase at the Locaboat departure base. These bases generally have a good stock of essential items.


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