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Locaboat has many models of self-drive boat available to meet the needs and tastes of its customers. But if you're a novice, it can be difficult to choose. So here's a guide to the main kinds of boat on offer.

 Pénichette© Classique, Pénichette© Flying Bridge, Pénichette© Terrasse, Linssen, Europa … but how do they differ?

For a self-drive boating holiday for two to four people, the Pénichette© Classique is perhaps the best option. It looks a bit like the traditional barge and is the easiest to handle. It has a wide opening roof and a sun deck, allowing you to make the most of the outside of the boat, but with its sturdy guardrail, it's very safe. This is the perfect self-drive boat for couples and families, and is the lowest priced of the range.

The Pénichette© Flying Bridge is a more recent model and its special feature is that it has two steering points: one inside, for cruising when it's raining or very hot, and another outside. Also, its upper deck has a fixed table and bench for friendly get-togethers. This is a very comfortable model that is ideal for groups of friends, as it has berths for up to 12 people. In addition, this model is fitted with a bow-thruster which will make manœuvring much easier.

As for the Pénichette© Terrasse, as its name suggests, it has the added bonus of a large rear terrace that extends the living area with a nice, u-shaped bench. This is perfect for making the most of the natural surroundings and outdoor living, even in strong sunshine or rain, because the terrace is protected by a canopy. This is also one of the lightest boats inside, as it has wide picture windows. And just like the Flying Bridge, the Terrasse can take up to 12 people.

Other types of boat, the Europa and the Linssen, can be classed more as yachts than barges. These two models are sophisticated, refined, very easy to steer and can take up to six people. They are fitted with a rear deck that's perfect for swimming and fishing. But the Linssen offered by Locaboat really is a must if you want elegance and luxury.



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