Spotlight on self-drive boat hire

Europa 400, 600 and 700… three models of top-of-the-range self drive boats whose comfort and design are irresistible.

The Europa models of self drive boats are different from the Pénichettes® and look more like mini-yachts. With their elegant lines, these boats are the last word in attention to detail. The communal area (called the ‘saloon’ in boating terminology) is bright and glass-covered. The double steering positions (outside and inside) mean that you can get the best out of your holiday whatever the season. These models are the ideal choice for a cruising holiday along the canals and rivers of Europe.

The 400 model is perfect for two couples or a family of three or four people. It has two cabins, separated by a communal area. One cabin has a double bed. The layout makes it possible to live together while maintaining everyone’s privacy. The 600 model can take up to six people. The communal area is a proper living room; the kitchen and three bathrooms are spacious and the boat is fitted with an on-deck shower, so you can rinse off after your swim in the lake or river.

The Europa 700 self drive boat, also designed to take from two to six people, is the height of luxury with 20% more space than the 600 model. It’s just right for couples looking for a pleasant getaway. But families on holiday or groups of friends will love it too. The fitted kitchen and saloon, both large and modern, ensure a hassle-free holiday. As with all the models in the Europa range, each cabin has its own private bathroom with shower and WC. The size and facilities in the Europa 700’s cabins provide the ultimate in comfort and space. The upper deck is fitted with a bench seat and a dining table, so you can laze in the sun or linger over your meals in the company of friends. On this luxury model, you can enjoy your river or canal cruise without getting in each other’s way. And it’s so easy, because this model, like the other two, is amazingly simple to steer!

Each of these models has a bow-thruster, and the Europa 700 also has a stern-thruster.

If you just want one great idea for a weekend break: try a canal boat cruise in spring

At Locaboat we don’t wait until summer to enjoy all the fun of a boating holiday!

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