Taking your pet aboard

Leaving your four-footed friend behind when you go on holiday can be quite a wrench. So why not take your pet with you on a waterborne holiday?

Cats, hamsters, canaries, dogs – animals don’t have to stay on dry land, as we know from Noah’s Ark! For a fixed supplement, whether it’s a weekend or a month, you can bring your furry or feathered friends with you on a Pénichette® Locaboat.

The great advantage of our boats is that they’re fitted with a guard-rail that can stop your pet from diving in without meaning to. Although of course, it’s a well-known fact that many dogs love swimming. On board, your best friends can have the run of the boat and can get back onto dry land via the gangway. All we ask is that you keep a watchful eye on them while you’re passing through locks; in fact, some little travelling companions have become such ‘regulars’ that the lock-keepers recognise them and say hello to them while the boat’s busy negotiating the lock. You’re obviously not going to forget to bring everything your pet needs on a daily basis, such as their feeding bowl and basket. But you also need to bring a cage to transport your pet to your arrival/departure base, where they should be kept on a lead.

There’s one more important point to note: pets must not be allowed to sleep on the duvet, for hygiene reasons and out of consideration for other customers who may have pet allergies. Beyond that, you’re free to enjoy all the pleasure of the great outdoors, and you can go for walks along the towpaths in excellent company!

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