A self-drive Locaboat canal barge for every kind of holiday? OK! But which one?

OK, so you’ve made your decision. This year, you’re going to cast off in search of adventure on a ‘Pénichette®’ canal barge. The family has unanimously given the plan the thumbs up. The older ones are training to go onboard, while the youngest wants to sleep in his lifejacket. The time has come to get prepared. Ladies and gents, here we explain everything you need to know to choose your boat.

Locaboat: a large fleet in France and Europe.

Don’t worry, Locaboat offers the largest fleet and the widest range of Pénichettes® in Europe. This includes boats of various sizes that are easy to manoeuver and, above all, perfectly designed for a getaway holiday. Since the most important thing is to find a boat that’s just right for you, here’s a quick guide to your first steps in inland waterway cruising.

For 2 to 4 people: The ‘classic’ Pénichette®

If you want a boating holiday for a small group (2 to 4 people), then go for the ‘classic’ Pénichette®. Its profile makes it very easy to recognise. It has all the charm of a traditional barge with modernity and elegance thrown in. This is a boat that’s packed with features you’ll love: a sunroof and even better, a sun deck, which offers the best possible views of the landscape passing by. This is the ideal boat for beginners, since it’s very manoeuvrable and modestly priced. The ‘classic’ Pénichette® also offers plenty of living space where the whole family can glide along in total safety, without a care in the world.

Up to 12 people: the Flying Bridge Pénichette®

If your idea of a holiday is sun, sun and more sun, then you’ll be happy to step aboard a Flying Bridge Pénichette®. There’s room for everyone in this large boat and there’s no need for anyone to get jealous, because there’s an inside cockpit, an outside cockpit and a wide terrace. This makes it perfect for enjoying the sunshine while steering the boat. And driving the boat’s no problem because there’s a bow-thruster that turns manoeuvring into child’s play. This is the most up-to-date of our Pénichette® fleet, combining space, comfort, easy handling and a layout that’s great for friendly groups.

Up to 12 people: even more space with a Aft-Deck Pénichette®:

If plenty of space is the most important item on your holiday wish list, then we’ve got to tell you about the Aft-Deck Pénichette®. Take a look and imagine yourself standing in front of this enormous boat, which is friendly, welcoming and perfectly designed for large groups. It can easily accommodate up to 12 people. As its name suggests, this Pénichette® has a large terrace that forms an extension to the living area, as well as two sunroofs that provide light for the cabin. As well as being very pleasant, the living space is the largest you’ll find on any of our boats.

Elegance on deck:

If you want a holiday with all mod cons, you won’t be disappointed. Locaboat offers two self-drive boats, the Europa and the Linssen, that combine easy handling, elegance and a top-class finish. The Europa would be perfect for cruising on the German lakes. As well as its dual inside/outside cockpit, you can enjoy the rear deck for swimming or catching delicious fresh fish. The Linssen is one of the most highly-rated boats in Europe for pleasure cruising. Its covered outside cockpit, panoramic views, bow and stern thrusters and luxury finish make it one of the most sought-after boats.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We’d be happy to advise you and share our passion for our fleet.

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