💓 ✌ Did somebody say Canal du Midi?

Have you ever heard about Pierre Paul Riquet?

This genius once had the crazy idea of inventing a canal that would link the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea: the Canal du Midi. The works started in 1662 and were over by 1681. This architectural work of art, which will be listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996, was about to start its busy life.

Why is it that appreciated?

Canal du Midi definitly has its place in the French landscape and French people love it, but it also has an international reknown thanks to its magnificence and to its location. Cicadas, bright sun, people’s hospitality and kindness… no doubt Southern France art de vivre plays its part! And not to mention the rich heritage of the area, easily accessible from the canal.

There are many reasons why one would choose to cruise on the Canal du Midi!

Throughout its 240 km, right before your eyes, get inspired by all its various landscape, historical point of interests and generous nature. As for activities, you won’t be disappointed !

-25% in July, August and September
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Let’s get some workout!

On the path along the canal, go for a run, a walk or even for a bike ride. And why not play the famous “petanque”, this local game played with small metallic balls. You could also make a stop and fish for a while or even try a bit of nautical sports in the Camargue area.


Into history?

Canal du Midi crosses many towns full of history. In Toulouse, named “ville rose” after the colors of bricks with which buildings are made, you will find the Saint-Sernin Basilica, the Capitole place, the Pont-Neuf bridge, the Augustin museum… Carcassonne, the medieval city, the highlight of your cruise. The small village of Le Somail and its bookstore full of ancient and rare books. Capestang and its Saint-Etienne collegiale. You can also find there the Malpas tunnel, Poilhes and its antic remains, but also Béziers, the Saint-Nazaire Cathedrale, the Bitterois museum or the Orb canal bridge. You’ll have a hard time choosing where to go first !


And for gastronomy lovers

Going on the Canal du Midi without trying out the Cassoulet (beans and sausage local food speciality) would be a crime! From Castelnaudary – from which this meal comes – taste all the different versions of it! And why not eat it with some local wines: the Minervois, Languedoc and Saint Chinian AOC are only a few kilometers from the canal. You could also taste some other local food such as the fougasse as a “mise en bouche” or the famous Foie Gras. Smells like good French cuisine on board your Penichette!


Get inspired by its nature…

The Canal du Midi is also a great and peaceful place right in the heart of a luxuriant greenery. Observe the flora and the birds from the deck of your boat, moored under the shadow of the plane trees and feel the magic of thoses moments shared with your loved ones. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars!

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