We are very glad to inform you that navigation on inland European waterways has resumed normally since the beginning of July.

During the close down of our bases, we have been working hard to prepare our boats for the season and make sure we take appropriate measures to safely welcome you onboard. We have redesigned our procedures for check in (to avoid waiting time and make it as efficient as possible), And obviously, we have completely reviewed our safety protocol from social distancing to boat disinfection and base cleaning.

Choosing a canal boat holiday is certainly one of the safest and most serene way to travel ! Immersed in the nature, away from the crowds, you can independently travel from one spot to another on a fully equipped boat… And all of our marinas are accessible by car…

Covid 19 cancellation conditions

interrogationMy destination is open, but I am unable to get to my cruising location


If you are concerned by one of the following cases, considered to be force majeure (within the meaning of article L211.14 of the Tourism Code: “exceptional and unavoidable circumstances occurring at the place of destination or in the immediate vicinity thereof, with significant consequences for the performance of the contract or for the transport of passengers to the place of destination) :

  • Your government prohibits going to your destination area.
  • The border of your country or the country of your destination is closed.
  • You are unable to join the base because the authorities in your country are forcing you into lockdown.
  • You are unable to reach the base because the authorities in your country have imposed a limited movement area on you (ex. 100 km around the place of residence).
  • You are placed in quarantine at your destination (country where your cruise takes place) by the authorities or by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • You are placed in quarantine upon your return (resident country) by the authorities or by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Your departure base is closed due Covid-19 and departure from another base is not possible.
  • The reserved cruise is located in a clearly identified “cluster” area and there is no possibility of departure from another base.

For the aforementioned, the conditions for canceling your cruise will be as follows:

  • For cruises scheduled less than 10 weeks before the departure date, Locaboat offers you the possibility of leaving from another base, postponing your stay to a later date, or full reimbursement of the sums paid
  • For cruises scheduled more than 10 weeks away from your departure date, we invite you to watch the situation evolve. Postponement or reimbursement is still possible.

interrogationMy cruise destination is open, but I wish to cancel my booking


In all other cases, as soon as the navigation is open, the renter/lessor is able to welcome you on board, as no major external event (in accordance with the case of “force majeure” provided for in the Tourism Code L211-14) prevents you from reaching your cruise destination.  Thus, you will be subject to the terms of our general rental conditions in effect, should you wish to cancel your stay.

interrogationI must cancel my cruise because one of the crew members is sick


If you have subscribed to the Cancellation Plan offered by Locaboat, and you or any of the crewmembers are affected by the Covid, you will be covered by the Cancellation Plan.

The cancellation plan must be taken out at least 10 weeks prior to departure. You will be required to provide the names and contact details of the crew members who will be on the cruise when you take out the plan.

In case of cancellation, you will be asked to provide proof of cancellation. The booking fee of 150€ and the cancellation fee will not be refunded.

If you have not subscribed to the cancellation plan, our general rental conditions will be applied.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

interrogationWhich Locaboat bases are currently opened?


All our bases are currently open in France, Germany, Ireland, Holland and Italy. Some sanitary restrictions apply depending on your country of destination:

  • Italy : be aware that if several households are onboard, each household must have its own bathroom. A distance of 1.5m must be kept all the time between crew members.
  • Holland : be aware that if several households are onboard, each household must have its own bathroom. Each boat is limited to a maximum of 4 people for persons not living in the same household. A distance of 1.5m must be kept all the time between crew members. In case of a police control, you can be fined up to 390€.

interrogationWhich sanitary measures is Locaboat implementing against Covid-19 on boats and bases?


We have established a new sanitary protocol to keep you safe at all time when arriving at your departure base and once in your boat. When checking in, you will be requested to sign a certificate stating that you and your crew members are all healthy.

Click here to read our procedures

interrogationWhat does happen if there is a Covid-19 case on one of our Locaboat’s base?


In case of infection on one of our bases, it will immediately be closed in order to protect guests and employees. We will contact you as soon as possible to offer you alternative departure base or dates to rebook your cruise accordingly.

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