Dear customers,

Given international health situation, we would like to reassure you about cancellation conditions and safety measures currently in place in our marinas to allow you to book your next cruise with total confidence.

Choosing a canal boat holiday is certainly one of the safest and most serene way to travel! Immersed in the nature, away from the crowds, you can independently travel from one spot to another on a fully equipped boat… And all of our marinas are accessible by car…

We look forward to welcoming you aboard in 2021!

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Season 2021 Rebooking and Cancellation Policy

1. A case of force majeure prevents me from carrying out my cruise

If you are impacted by one of the following cases, considered to be force majeure (within the meaning of article L211.14 of the Tourism Code: “exceptional and unavoidable circumstances occurring at the place of destination or in the immediate vicinity thereof, with significant consequences for the performance of the contract or for the transport of passengers to the place of destination):

  • Your government prohibits going to your destination area.
  • The border of your country or the country of your destination is closed.
  • You are unable to join the base because the authorities in your country are forcing you into lockdown.
  • You are unable to reach the base because the authorities in your country have imposed a limited movement area on you (ex. 100 km around the place of residence).
  • You are placed in quarantine at your destination (country where your cruise takes place) by the authorities or by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • You are placed in quarantine upon your return (resident country) by the authorities or by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Your departure base is closed due Covid-19 and departure from another base is not possible.
  • Your planned cruise is located in a clearly identified “cluster” area and there is no possibility of departure from another base.

For the aforementioned, the conditions for cancelling your cruise will be as follows:

  • If your starting day is planned in less than 10 weeks, Locaboat offers you the possibility of departing from another base, postponing your stay to a later date, or full reimbursement of the sums paid.
  • If your departure day is planned in more than 10 weeks, we kindly invite you to wait and see how the situation develops. Postponement or reimbursement is still possible.

Please remember – if you have been granted a voucher following a cancellation between 1st March and 15th September 2020, we will not make an immediate refund. As stated in Order No. 2020-315, you are required to use this credit amount within 18 months of cancellation. If you have not used this credit, we will make the corresponding refund once you have passed the 18-month period mentioned above.

2. I am not impacted by a case of force majeure, but I still want to cancel my booking

In all other cases, as soon as the navigation is open, the charter company is able to welcome you on board, as no major external event (in accordance with the case of “force majeure” provided for in the Tourism Code L211-14) prevents you from reaching your cruise destination, our general terms & conditions will apply, should you cancel your stay.

3. I have to cancel my cruise because one of the crew members is sick

If you have subscribed to the Cancellation Plan offered by Locaboat, and you or any of the crewmembers are affected by the Covid, you will be covered by the Cancellation Plan.

Cancellation plan must be subscribed at least 10 weeks prior to departure. You will be required to provide all names and contact details of your crew when subscribing to the Cancellation plan

In case of cancellation, you will be asked to provide proof of cancellation. The booking fee of 150€ and the cancellation fee will not be refunded.

If you have not subscribed to the cancellation plan, our general terms & conditions will apply.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does happen if there is a Covid-19 case on one Locaboat marina’?

If your cruise is affected by the closure of a Locaboat marina because of Covid-19, we will offer you:

  • a postponement of the booking (the freedom to choose another base, boat, holiday dates).
  • or carry forward of sums already paid in credit (these would be valid for 18 months).
  • or a refund of the amount paid.

This refund will be made within 14 days of the cancellation and refund request. The request must be made in writing.

Which sanitary measures is Locaboat implementing against Covid-19 on boats and marinas?

In the current circumstances our priority is to ensure complete safety of both our customers and staff. As in 2020, we will be implementing strict sanitary rules for the cleaning of our boats.

Joining forces with other businesses and organisations in the boating holidays/rentals industry, Locaboat has participated in the development of a health charter in cooperation with the FEDERATION DES INDUSTRIES NAUTIQUES. This charter has been approved by the French authorities.

This health charter defines clear guidelines and protocol for welcoming customers in the marina (one person at a time, social distancing rules, mandatory face mask, etc.); removal of hard-copy onboard documents and replacing them with digital versions (waterways guide, onboard instructions, etc.); protective measures for during your navigation instruction (only one person on board with the staff team member giving the instruction, compulsory face mask); strict boat disinfection rules (ventilation, cleaning, then systematic disinfection of surfaces, worktops, sanitary fittings, handles, dishes etc).

Each crew is required to complete a “Good Health” certificate on departure day, acknowledging that they have no symptom related to COVID-19 and they have strictly followed a government Covid measures during the 14 days preceding the cruise.

Which Locaboat marinas are currently opened?

The 2021 season is underway but we have to adapt day by day according to the various new announcements from our respective governments.

France: All our French bases are open. It is not compulsory to be vaccinated or to have a PCR test before taking possession of your boat, nor to navigate. Please note the latest regulations regarding access to shops, services and leisure facilities:

Ireland: All our Irish bases are open. The latest information on travel to Ireland can be found at . There is no requirement for isolation on arrival for fully vaccinated passengers. Visitors will be required to show proof of vaccination on arrival and also to enter bars and restaurants.  Prior to your visit, you will need to complete a passenger location form online at


All our German bases are open. Please note that restrictions in Germany may change from day to day depending on the daily index. To cross the border, a negative antigen test (-48h) or PCR must be carried. If you are coming from a high risk area (e.g. South of France), a quarantine is required for people without a health pass. More information here:

On site, there is no limit to the number of passengers, the restaurants (indoor and outdoor) are open without restrictions. Negative test result or health pass will be requested for Mecklenburg-Vorpommern only (FLS basis)

Netherlands: The bases in Loosdrecht and Alphen are open. Depending on the classification of your country of origin (green, yellow, orange or red), the presentation of a negative antigenic or PCR test less than 72 hours old or full vaccination will be required at entry. See the website: .

On site, restaurants, bars, terraces, or other activities are freely open, the only restriction being a midnight closing time.

Italy: Our base in Chioggia is open. To enter Italy, an antigen or PCR test (-48h) or full vaccination will be required. You will also be required to complete a digital locator form (dPLF). From some countries, a 5-day isolation period may be required: .
A form can be filled in before your trip, to receive real time instructions on how to access Italy: .

On site, the “green pass” will be requested in order to access any type of catering service, shows, events, cultural venues, etc.

General conditions for Locaboat Plaisance GmbH

Previous conditions are valid if the booking has been done through our commercial office in Joigny – Locaboat Plaisance SAS.

The following list of countries applies to our office in Freiburg – Locaboat Plaisance GmbH : Albania, Austria, Azerbaidjan, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republik, Denmark, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lituania, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine

For bookings from the above list of countries, the terms and conditions of Locaboat Plaisance GmbH apply:

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