From the departure base: Pula / Zadar / Split

he heart-shaped peninsula reaching deep into the crystal-clear, blue waters of the Adriatic is a secret Garden of Eden which opens the way to the warm and sunny Mediterranean. Don‘t hesitate to enter and make your dream holiday come true. This multicultural and hospitable country happily combines many diverse features in a small space.

The blue sea, the white rock and the green interior form the colour palette of Croatia‘s largest peninsula, Istria. The blue of the coastal area contrasts with the green of the interior and small towns reminiscent of acropolises which, somewhere between waking and sleeping, blur that thin line that separates reality from illusion. And turn into your very own story…

The Zadar region is the most northerly part of Dalmatia, the gateway that welcomes all those travelling from the Northern Adriatic. Full of contrasts, with a rich historical heritage and wonderful countryside.

With its centre, Zadar, a 3,000-year old town which has the largest Roman forum discovered this side of the Adriatic and the unique Romanesque churches of St. Aonat/Sv. Donat, St. Anastasia/Sv. Stošija and St. Chrysogonus/Sv. Krševan, and with Croatia‘s oldest royal city of Nin nearby, which boasts the smallest cathedral in the world (the Church of the Holy Cross is only 36 steps long!), this region can recount the sources of Croatia‘s cultural heritage better than any book.

Olives, indigenous aromatic plants, white stone contrasting with the verdant vegetation and the mountain massif of Biokovo, whose spurs reach all the way to the sea. This area is truly an exceptional part of the country. Its beauty is made all the more enchanting by the numerous stories and cultural events which ensure that this region is always an interesting and attractive destination.

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