Set a course for Eastern Germany!

The region of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is Germany’s leading tourist destination. Its national parks, lakes and the Baltic Sea make it a favourite region for Berliners and tourists. Set off from Untergöhren and head on your canal boat into a region full of cultural and natural attractions you will discover.

Lake Müritz

This area is located in the extreme north of the country, beside the Baltic Sea. Its shoreline and diversity of natural landscapes have earned it the name “Land of a Thousand Lakes”. It has the second-largest lake in Germany after Lake Constance: Lake Müritz, which covers an area of 117 km2. Nature lovers will enjoy watching the migratory birds, such as cranes, sea eagles, ospreys and other species. The lake is part of the Müritz National Park. You can visit the town of Waren, an important tourist centre that stands on the shores of this enormous lake.

Lake Müritz offers lots of opportunities for exploring, including cycling or walking excursions and boat or canoe trips.

Rheinsberg Palace

Take a trip to the rococo Rheinsberg Palace, a must-see attraction when touring northern Germany. It stands on the shores of Lake Rheinsberg. Parts of it are the work of the great architect Georg von Knobelsdorff, who built Sanssouci Palace beside the Grienericksee, where Frederick the Great spent several years. Rheinsberg was also the setting for one of the love stories of the writer Kurt Tucholsky. In the beautifully restored rooms, decorated with period furnishings and works of art, you can dream that you’re back in the 18th century. The beautiful grounds, laid out by Knobelsdorff, are worth a detour in themselves. They’re filled with ruins, obelisks, grottos and fountains, all perfect examples of the rococo style.

Schwerin: a town with seven lakes and some great works of art

Schwerin is the capital of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and also the oldest town in this region. It stands on the shores of the lake of the same name and is charming and peaceful. It nestles in a green hollow and has lakes right in the centre of the town. It’s an attractive town both historically and culturally, with its old town, market square, Gothic cathedral dating from the 14th and 15th centuries and State Art Gallery. The fairytale Medieval Schwerin Palace is the town’s emblematic feature. A tour of the palace is a real treat if you enjoy cultural history.

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