10 Essentials to take with you on a Pénichette

Going on a river cruise is an exciting adventure that creates the opportunity to discover new horizons while enjoying the comfort of our licence-free Pénichettes®. But to fully enjoy an adventure on the water, you need to be well equipped and suitably packed. Our team of travel experts has prepared a list of the 10 essential items to take with you.

Our top 10 packing essentials:

A good pair of shoes and gloves:

River navigation is a relaxing activity, but you will sometimes have to get your hands dirty when mooring your boat or going through the locks. To carry out these manoeuvres safely, we advise you to choose good non-slip shoes and a pair of sturdy gloves (DIY or gardening gloves, for example). These items are available to purchase at our departure bases.

Board games and books:

Ideal for moments of togetherness on the water (or debate depending on who has the best hand…!), board games will perfectly accompany your evenings on board. Perhaps you prefer some time alone? In which case, settle into your comfortable cabin to relax and finally finish that novel you started 6 months ago, lulled by the lapping of the water.

Cap, sunglasses and sunscreen:

These are essential for your best holiday in the sun. The reflection of the sun from the water is another factor to remember when cruising – pack your SPF! For extra protection our Flying Bridge® ranges and the Pénichette Évolution® are all equipped with a bimini shade. Other little extras? Opt for our famous captain’s cap on the day of departure and we recommend a cord for your glasses so you don’t lose them overboard.

A suitcase or soft bag:

Even though our licence-free Pénichettes® are equipped with plenty of storage space, opt for a soft, light and handy suitcase to maximise cabin space.


Perfect for observing the fauna and flora around the canals and rivers. Pack at least two sets to share in what you spot with the rest of your group – imagine the delight in your grandchildren’s eyes when they first spot those Camargue flamingos!

A backpack / A headlamp:

A lightweight, foldable backpack is ideal for carrying your essentials on excursions ashore. Be sure to choose a water-resistant model to protect your belongings in changing weather conditions. A headlamp will be perfect for exploring after dark – not everywhere has street lighting. Plus, compared to a torch, it leaves your hands free while lighting your path.

A waterproof notebook:

Having a notebook with you will always be useful…
● Take note of the most pertinent points when we train you in the basics before you embark
● Note the address of the restaurant not to be missed
● Sketch that glimpse of a swan crossing the water
● Fill a moment with a game of noughts & crosses
● Journal the stories of your adventure to reflect on in times to come

A poncho or rain gear:

Unexpected weather changes may occur during your cruise or your stopovers – we cannot control the weather, sorry! Having a packable rain poncho in your backpack will keep you dry in case of sudden or expected rain.

Eco-friendly hand wash detergent:

Unexpected weather changes may occur during your cruise or your stopovers – we cannot control the weather, sorry! Having a packable rain poncho in your backpack will keep you dry in case of sudden or expected rain.

A bath mat:

Easy to forget, yet an essential touch of comfort to make you feel at home when you get out of the shower and avoid slipping in your cabin.

Good to know

Our Pénichette® rentals are inclusive of all kitchen utensils, sheets, pillows, towels, a gas bottle and a starter kit (one roll of toilet paper per toilet, a small amount of cleaning product for the floor and a little dishwashing liquid). Your comfort is priceless, which is why we offer this service free of charge.

As for bicycles, they are an essential complement to your exploration ashore. Locaboat bases offer them for hire and one bike is included in the “Serenity Package”. No worries about storing them while sailing since our boats are equipped with bike racks.

Ready to board your Pénichette®? Cast off!

Our captains’ views – Mark Porter

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