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Your Brittany cruise takes you into a land of Celtic traditions, in a waterways region that’s famous for art and historic monuments, as well as the peaceful natural surroundings you’ll pass through on your canal boat: a magical journey on a Pénichette®.


In Brittany, cruise down rivers and canals that interconnect.

When you hear the word Brittany, it conjures up all sorts of images: the bigouden headdress, the mysterious Brocéliande forest, sailing boats on the horizon, beaches that stretch for miles, picturesque villages, important artistic monuments… and magnificent canals. A cruise on the canals of Brittany in a self-drive boat is a wonderful experience, from the Blavet Canal to the Nantes-Brest Canal or, further north, the Ille and Rance Canal that links with the River Vilaine.

This is a region which is steeped in myths and mystery, as you’ll discover along the way. Your cruise will take you into the heart of Brittany, where legends and traditions are preserved in the many villages, such as La Gacilly with its traditional craftsmen. You’ll also see historic buildings that look like fairytale castles. You’ll get a different view of this heritage from your Pénichette®. For example there’s the imposing Josselin Castle, overlooking the waterway, or the many fortifications of the famous Dukes of Brittany. There are plenty of other sights to enjoy from your canal boat, from the famous transverse valley on the Île aux Pies (Magpie Island) to the watermills of Messac. This is a cruise made in Breizh.


One main departure base and possibility to cruise one way

The canals and rivers in Brittany interconnect, opening the way to a longer cruise… If you’ve already discovered Brittany’s ocean, you could rent a boat from one of our bases and try a cruise on the inland waterways, with no licence needed.

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Must-see Breton attractions

Medieval monuments, arts and crafts, traditional half-timbered houses, gourmet cuisine with a flavour of the sea. A mixture of authentic tradition and magic: here are the top five attractions that shouldn’t be missed.


Locaboat guides you through the waterways to discover Brittany’s treasures

After you rent a boat or Pénichette® from one of the two departure bases, the horizon grows clearer and the possible routes seem endless. You can cruise through Brittany on interconnected canals and rivers that seem like one long, peaceful waterway. Passing through the locks, you’ll see windmills, bridges and islets in the distance. Nearby are pretty villages or large towns, with typical regional architecture. Taking it all in, you know exactly why you chose this boating holiday.

Each route has its own special attractions: you can launch yourself into the green wilderness on a cruise along the Ille-Rance Canal; or plunge into historic heritage and gastronomic delights along the Nantes-Brest Canal… Or you could glide serenely on your self-drive boat from Melesse, along the River Vilaine, passing through the pretty town of Rennes. Wherever you are and whatever you choose, the waterways of Brittany are a real pleasure, a great place to recharge your batteries, and always surprising. You may feel you already know Brittany, with its beautiful coastline and beaches. Now’s the time to discover the Brittany of canals and get a different perspective on the region. All you have to do is choose where to start – and don’t forget to hoist the Breton flag once you’re aboard!

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