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Pénichettes Classique®

Famous for their resemblance to traditional barges, the Penichette Classiques® are the easiest to handle of the boats that don’t require a licence to steer! These self-drive boats are perfect for couples, families or small groups of friends. They can accommodate 2 to 7 people with excellent comfort on board.

Their raised cockpit, 2/3 to the rear, and their wide sunroofs offer excellent visibility.
Thanks to their spacious and safe sundeck you will appreciate the joys of river boating outdoor. Penichette® Classique are also equipped with 2 side doors for easy access and simple manoeuvring.

The “W” label applies to the Pénichettes Classique® with a white hull and superstructure.

Our Classique models

Our Classique range includes 3 boats for crews of 2 to 7 people.


2 cabins
Maximum comfort for 4 persons

Brochure price

From € 1127
Equivalent to € 161 person / week

P.1107 / P.1107W

2 cabins + 1 simple bed
Maximum comfort for 4/5 persons
Fitting perfectly for a family

Brochure price

From € 896
Equivalent to € 128 person / week

P.935 / P.935W

1 cabin + 1 simple bed
Maximum comfort for 2/3 persons
Fitting perfectly for a couple

Brochure price

From € 784
Equivalent to € 157 person / week

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Our routes for the Pénichettes Classique®

The drop-down list below shows all the cruising regions that offer this range of Pénichettes®.


Our other ranges of boats & Pénichettes®

We offer a total of 6 ranges of boats for hire. All our boats are licence-free and provide everything you need for carefree boating holidays in comfort and safety.

Pénichettes Classique®

The traditional Pénichette®, very easy to pilot and perfect for couples and families.
From 2 to 7 people.


Pénichettes Aft-Deck®

A spacious and well-lit boat, characterised by its lovely protected terrace at the rear.
From 2 to 12 people.


Pénichettes Flying Bridge®

One of the latest range of Pénichettes®, offering considerable comfort thanks to their double inside and outside helm positions.
From 2 to 12 people.


Pénichettes Evolution®

Based on the strengths of the existing family of Penichettes®, this new generation of boats offers a completely new cruising experience.



Choose one of the finest yachts with the Linssen Grand Sturdy 34.9 boat! Elegance, high-quality furnishings and comfortable sailing are the hallmarks of these renowned boats.
From 2 to 6 people.



Cosy, elegant and designed as small yachts, the Europa boats offer decidedly modern comfort and aesthetics.
From 2 to 6 people.


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