We’re offering you boat hire in Venice – yes, Venice! – for an irresistible cruise you’ll never forget.


Boating holidays on the Venice Lagoon, where dreams become reality.

Venice sums up everything about the Italian passion for life. This iconic city is the backdrop to a unique cruise. Your journey starts from our base, a pretty harbour called Chioggia on a small island in the Venice Lagoon. Take a look at the colourful fish auction here, then set off on your no-license boat, cappuccino in hand, for a canal boat holiday in this city that opens onto the Adriatic Sea. Explore the Lagoon, its traditional, little-known fishing villages, its long beaches, and the lovely town of Treviso, encircled by its walls – a cultural must-see. Also visit Pellestrina and its picturesque ochre-coloured houses and the Lido, as seen in the film Death in Venice. The archipelago has many well-preserved historic sites and a host of small islands with beautiful names. From the deck of your self-drive boat you can look out at the Venice Lagoon stretching in front of you and follow the little-used channels, until you come to the mouth of the harbour at Malamoco. There, La Serenissima herself is visible from the sea, with the famous campanile of St Mark’s Square. The dream is complete: you are gliding into Venice from the sea.

From our departure base of Chioggia, you can rent Penichettes® and Europas. We’ve partnered with Rendezvous Fantasia to offer their excellent NCF boats in Venice


Chioggia, your starting-point for an Italian-style cruise

This little fishing village in the south of the Lagoon, known for its fish market, basks in the glow of nearby Venice and is the departure point for your boat hire holiday.

Canal Map of Venice
Canal Map of Venice

Discover the map of the
destination and its waterways

Cruising through the Venice Lagoon – a magical experience

Listed as a UNESCO Word Heritage site, Venice is a place of inspiration. It’s full of treasures and sources of pleasure, including our top five attractions, which you definitely shouldn’t miss during your holiday


A cruise to Venice on the Lagoon: the true meaning of la dolce vita

Boat hire in Venice offers an amazing voyage. You’ll cruise between little islands in the Lagoon, then pass through unspoilt natural surroundings – keeping an eye out for the wildlife – to reach towns famous for their art and history. You need no license to cruise on your self-drive boat – these are ‘no stress’ holidays. Your cruise in the safe waters of the Lagoon, within reach of the sea, will be a unique and comfortable journey that’s accessible to everyone.

And of course, when you rent a boat with Locaboat, our staff at the base will give you plenty of advice before you take the helm. For example, you’ll need to know that the depth of water in the Lagoon varies from low water to high water, so when you moor your boat you should leave more slack than usual on the mooring rope. Once you know the basics, you can relax and enjoy your cruise, visiting some outstanding sites, from St Mark’s Square to traditional fishing villages where the reflections of ochre and yellow houses sparkle on the water. Then back on board, following the posts that mark out the channels, you continue slowly on your way. You could cruise from 143 km to 378 km on this magical round trip.

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