In Ireland, boat hire holidays are not just a good idea – they’re the obvious way to see the country. Reinvent yourself while you steer your self-drive boat, with the sound of U2 or the Cranberries in the background. Rent a boat from one of our bases and set off on a waterways cruise through a land that’s greener than green.


Boat hire holidays in Ireland: the best possible road trip

When people mention Ireland, lots of images come to mind. Heaths covered with heather, the ancient and colourful Irish language – a form of Gaelic – friendly pubs where Guinness is an institution, a deeply-anchored island culture, and Saint Patrick’s Day, when everyone gets up to dance

This is a country that is closely bound up with the sea and gave birth to the great James Joyce. It’s a small island, criss-crossed by beautiful rivers and canals, and also dotted with navigable lakes that are teeming with salmon and trout. It has everything you need for really enjoyable boating holidays. The waterways in the heart of Ireland are like veins or arteries running through the country, flowing past castles perched on hillsides, granite villages, bustling towns, megaliths, thousand-year-old forests, monastic sites and golf courses with extensive greens. Ireland has 5,000 years of history as well as calm, gentle waters, bathed in a light that’s unique. All this can be enjoyed from your canal boat, which gives you total freedom to explore at your own pace.

This land of mystery and legend unfolds on every side as you cruise along the waterways. A unique and spectacular journey.


The Shannon and the Erne, wonderful waterways to explore by boat

In this region you can enjoy one of the longest waterways networks in Europe – and one with the least traffic. Starting from our base at Carrick-on-Shannon or Banagher in the Republic of Ireland, boat hire holidays in this region are independent, hassle-free and take you easily to where you want to go.

Shannon & Erne

A dream cruise in Irish waters along the country’s largest river, the Shannon, as far as the Erne.


If you want to explore Ireland, boat hire with Locaboat is your best first step

You may not have thought about seeing Ireland from its rivers and lakes when you were looking out for holiday ideas. But it’s a trip that really captures the spirit of the age. Your traveller’s soul will fall in love with the place. You’ll be hugely impressed by the quality of our bases, our fleet of self-drive boats, which require no license to drive them, our cruise itineraries and the pure simplicity of boating holidays in the land of the Celts. Travel in the footsteps of the Vikings, who also sailed up Ireland’s rivers, and discover the Druids, poets and artists who are the tutelary deities of Ireland, a land where everything arouses passion.

Skippering your canal boat, you can get to know this unspoilt and friendly civilisation at the slow pace of your boat. Our self-drive boats are attractive, easy to steer and let you combine discovery with pleasure. The watchword here is cĂ©ad mĂ­le fĂĄilte, which literally means ‘a hundred thousand welcomes’… You’ve got it; the Irish are among the most welcoming people on the planet, something you’ll experience every day on the waterways, as well as on land. If you’ve already visited Ireland by car, don’t miss the incredible experience of a ‘road trip’ by boat. To complete the adventure, take some bikes on board from our base and you’ll be as free on land as you are on the water.


Why choose Locaboat?

Locaboat Holidays has been the industry specialist for boating holidays and waterways cruises since 1977. Inventor of the PĂ©nichetteÂź, Locaboat is as famous for the friendliness and quality of its customer service as for the comfort and easy handling of its boats. When you rent a boat from Locaboat, you’ll benefit from the advice of local experts who are passionate about boating and will do their utmost to make sure you enjoy a wonderful holiday.

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