Canal boat holidays in Alsace Lorraine & Ardennes take you from the historic homeland of Rimbaud to surprising areas of wilderness. Space and time slip by as you cruise through eastern France on your license free Pénichette®.


Cruise from one surprise to the next on the eastern canals

With an amazing historic heritage, softened by nature over time, this waterways region is a real breath of fresh air. While you cruise on your self-drive boat from one landmark to the next, you’ll pass through lush natural surroundings and beautiful orchards. From the banks, you can reach pretty villages, with half-timbered houses and flower-laden balconies. The high points of your cruise could include the amazing boat lift at Saint Louis d’Arzviller (it replaces 17 locks!), or the beautiful Strasbourg with its famous Grande-Île at the heart of two canals. With its half-timbered houses, gourmet restaurants and bridges bright with flowers, you’ll fall in love with this capital of Europe, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Anyone interested in history will be drawn to this region: it was marked by wars for a long time, but today the superb remains and powerful symbols are all that’s left. As you go with the flow, you can live life to the full by mooring your canal boat and joining in the festivities: sample a good choucroute (sauerkraut) on the quay, or how about an excellent boudin blanc (white pudding) from Rethel at one of the festive markets?


Two bases to start your canal boat holidays
in Alsace Lorraine & Ardennes

Cruising along the many canals on a Pénichette® from one of our bases, your boating holidays will take you from the Ardennes forests to timeless Alsatian villages, pretty as a picture.

Carte Fluviale Canal de la Marne au Rhin
Carte Fluviale Canal de la Marne au Rhin

Discover the map of the
destination and its waterways

Glide along on a cruise that wakes up all your senses

Canal boat holidays in Alsace Lorraine & Ardennes are a real pleasure, with bucolic gardens, historic monuments, lush natural surroundings and lively cultural attractions. Here are 5 ‘must-see’ sites.


A peaceful cruise, in harmony with nature and local traditions.

If you go with the flow, canal boat holidays in Alsace Lorraine & Ardennes can be a real source of inspiration and a way to completely recharge your batteries. This waterways experience will take you to north-east France, following routes that are well away from humdrum, everyday life. Churches with onion-domed bell-towers, half-timbered houses, villages in bloom and hanging gardens: you’ll discover Alsace-Lorraine from the Marne-Rhine canals, the Saar, the Moselle or the Vosges.

Then heading northwards, filling your lungs with the unpolluted air, you’ll plunge into deep forests and protected marshes. From here you could catch sight of some of the carnivorous plants that are typical of this region. Your cruise, punctuated by the occasional lock, is the most relaxing way to explore this unspoiled, authentic region, with its natural beauty and hidden treasures along the banks. From the helm of your Pénichette®, boating holidays will take on a new dimension on this cruise.

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