For a real holiday in the wilderness, hire a self-drive boat and cruise into the most beautiful unspoilt areas. Boating holidays let you unwind to the rhythm of the waterways.


A self-drive boat: the best way to leave it all behind

So you’re looking for boating holidays in unspoilt natural surroundings where you can unwind and escape from the daily grind, lulled by the calming effect of the waters? You’ll get a complete change of scenery on board your top-notch Pénichette®, far from the noisy city and the crowds… Are you glued to your phone because of work and family commitments? Disconnect from the network and get back to basics: quality time with family or friends and great conversations against the backdrop of wonderful rural landscapes. Do you live in the city and struggle to breathe? Inhale: a good breath of fresh air as you cruise through the green surroundings, accompanied by the peaceful lapping of the water, will fill you with natural energy. Do you spend several hours travelling every day of the year and only want one thing on your holiday: not to go near the car? Boating holidays are the all-in-one option: you do everything onboard and at your own pace – because you’re the boss.


our selection for new horizons in the wilderness

Our top three ‘special relaxation’ routes where the natural world takes pride of place, for a peaceful, gentler way of life.


Unwind and reconnect with the things that really matter.

Do you race along at a hundred miles an hour in a world where everything seems to be speeding up? Do you dream of stopping the clock on your holiday and taking each day as it comes? It’s high time you went on a cruise for a complete change of pace. Peace and quiet reign supreme: your top speed could be 8 kph on a canal boat – or a heady 10 kph on a river cruise. Leave stress behind at the quay and follow relaxing routes through unspoiled natural surroundings, in France or elsewhere in Europe.

Depart from Corbigny for the green pastures of the Canal du Nivernais and you’ll completely unwind by the time you reach the majestic tunnels overhanging the canal at La Collancelle. A bit further east, you can immerse yourself in the wild landscapes of Scey-sur-Saône, experiencing the full force of majestic nature, far from new technology and the pressures of city life. And in Germany you can relax by the shores of the Mecklenburg Lakes. Rent a boat at Fürstenberg and head for some of the purest waters in Europe and immense lake-filled landscapes. As you cruise towards new horizons in perfect harmony with nature and with a sense of inner calm, you’ll notice that you’re humming away happily to yourself.

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Locaboat Holidays has been the industry specialist for boating holidays and waterways cruises since 1977. Inventor of the Pénichette®, Locaboat is as famous for the friendliness and quality of its customer service as for the comfort and easy handling of its boats. When you rent a boat from Locaboat, you’ll benefit from the advice of local experts who are passionate about boating and will do their utmost to make sure you enjoy a wonderful holiday.

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