A cruise in the Burgundy Loire Nivernais area, along the Burgundy or Nivernais canals, promises effortless boating holidays in complete comfort on your self-drive PĂ©nichetteÂź


Boat hire holidays in Burgundy Loire Nivernais: a real change of pace

Whichever departure base or route you choose for your cruise, everything in Burgundy Loire Nivernais gives you a feeling of total calm, but there are some big surprises too. Did you ever think you’d look down at the Loire from a boat one day? You really can, thanks to the Briare aqueduct that crosses the river over a span of more than 660 metres. Did you ever imagine being able to see more than 200 different species of birds from your boat’s pontoon? That’s exactly what’s in store for you at the Bec d’Allier, near Nevers, the premier WWF site in France. There are so many amazing, inspiring sights, such as the spectacular Collancelle tunnels, overlooking the Canal du Nivernais. The cruise is so relaxing that you’ll recharge your batteries as you glide along on your self-drive boat. Along the way you’ll find stopping places where you can discover the architectural and historical attractions of Burgundy’s iconic towns, as well as walks and wine tastings in the vineyards, and much more. As for the cruise itself, it will be everything you dreamed of when planning your boating holidays: a lungful of fresh air in beautiful natural surroundings, at the gentle pace of the waterways.


Rent a boat on the Canal de Bourgogne, Canal du Nivernais or Canal latéral à la Loire.

From both banks, pathways open up everywhere, leading you into one of France’s most famous waterways regions. It’s an exceptional network to explore from one of our bases, for an unforgettable canal boat holiday.

Burgundy Canal Map
Burgundy Canal Map

Discover the map of the
destination and its waterways

Cruise through the legendary Burgundy Loire Nivernais area.

Towns of Art and History, world famous wines, delicious local produce and unspoilt landscapes – all perfect ingredients for a waterways cruise. Here’s our Burgundy top-5 in the Loire Nivernais area.

Locaboat operates in conjunction with Grapes & Corks to bring you selected heritage, wine and gastronomy-based activities that will turn your holiday into something special. Just take your pick! These activities are available with departure points from our bases at Briare, Joigny & Corbigny.

For further information or to make a booking, call them on +33 (0)613 593 175 or [email protected]


Burgundy is the perfect destination of slow tourism fans

If you explore Burgundy by canal boat you’ll pass through peaceful rural landscapes, carried along on the many waterways. On the banks are historic villages and fabulous works of engineering such as the Briare aqueduct. This waterways region lends itself to relaxation and daydreaming, as well as discovering delicious food and wine, and historic chĂąteaux and abbeys. There’s so much to explore in Burgundy’s rural landscapes, steeped in natural heritage. Cruise between undulating countryside and wooded slopes as you get to know this waterways region, where the pace of boating holidays is perfectly slow. On board a comfortable PĂ©nichetteÂź, beginners and more experienced sailors can enjoy gliding along at the pace of the water, on the Canal du Nivernais, Canal de Bourgogne or Canal LatĂ©ral Ă  la Loire, heading south to join the Canal du Centre. Along the way are 200 locks marking the stages of the voyage, but as most of them are automatic, you can relax and enjoy your cruise in this canal boat paradise.

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