In Germany, boating holidays mean watching the lakes slowly unfold from the deck of your boat. There’s no better way to enjoy these immense landscapes than by taking the helm of a self-drive boat, with no license required, and becoming a skipper.


Boating holidays on Germany’s great lakes: something to try at least once in your life

Germany is a country of lakes and home to one of most famous in the world, Lake Constance. Here, fishing, boating and swimming are the basis of a whole culture and way of life, with thousands of lakes for families to explore on a self-drive boat. For many years now, all the equipment and infrastructure has been in place, from resorts to simple pontoons, to meet the needs of boat crews without spoiling the character of these wild areas or reducing the incredible purity of the water. It’s an experience that gives you an all-round view of the country, including its history and art. If you rent a boat here, you’ll have the chance to discover famous towns such as Potsdam, with its famous Sanssouci Palace, Schwerin or Berlin, where traces of the past meet futuristic architecture. And Germany knows how to treat its guests: whether you’re crazy about the sausages in the local bar or prefer dried fish to smoke yourself, you’ll enjoy the food. Everywhere you go, there are enormous panoramas and wonderful sunsets. Relaxing on your PĂ©nichette®, which couldn’t be easier to handle and requires no licence to drive, you could spend your days rocked by the gentle water and humming along to classic German pop tunes: you could easily forget what year it is.


From Berlin to the Baltic Sea, head north on Germany’s waterways

Mecklenburg or Brandenburg… struggling to make up your mind? Wherever you start from in Germany, boating holidays are relaxing and stunning. Go where the waterways take you.


A waterways cruise in Germany’s lake country: in harmony with nature

Water comes into its own in Germany’s north-east. Lakes of all sizes are connected by rivers and waterways, offering a number of interesting routes to explore on your self-drive boat. And the fun is not just on the water: the journey continues on land in a region rich in historic and natural heritage. Berlin, Potsdam and the many castles and palaces overlooking the water will have you rushing to the shore!

The ornate Baroque style of architecture, common in the region, gives monuments a timeless elegance. To stretch your legs, grab a rucksack and a sturdy pair of shoes and take a walk in the forest. One tip: take some binoculars to watch the birdlife in the local nature reserves. Lake MĂĽritz in Mecklenburg has National Park status and is home to 150 bird species that enjoy prime nesting spots close to Germany’s largest lake. You’ll want to spend several days crossing these majestic open spaces, savouring the peace and quiet on your PĂ©nichette®.


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