Anxious to take societal and environmental considerations into account in its offering, Locaboat is committed to delivering a range of hire boating holidays that is ever more ethical and sustainable.

6 ‘green facts’ about Locaboat

1. 98% of our boats are equipped with waste water tanks

2. We have 38 hybrid propulsion boats thanks to our latest model: the Pénichette® Evolution

3. 100% of our fleet is equipped with sorting bins on board to make recycling easier  

4. The maintenance of the Pénichettes® is done with using environmentally friendly products 

5. Selective household and special waste sorting is offered at all of our bases.

6. 3 Locaboat bases have already been awarded “Blue Flag” status


“Blue Flag”, what’s that?

Each year, “Blue Flag” status is reviewed and awarded to acknowledge the beaches and marinas that carry out an exemplary policy of tourism development that is respectful of the environment, education, and visitor safety and accessibility. In France, only 106 ports achieve this status. Locaboat aims to extend its sustainable achievements to all its bases in Europe, hoping to achieve more “Blue Flags” in the future.


On the most beautiful canals, rivers and lakes in Europe, each cruise with Locaboat is experienced with respect for the environment. At the helm of your Locaboat Pénichette®, which does not exceed 8 km/h, you are choosing a more responsible holiday with a limited carbon footprint.

Once your boat is moored, continue the gentle roaming on foot or by bike… We are committed to offering you a memorable experience that also preserves the natural environment you’re here to discover at your own pace.


Locaboat, closer to you and local economies

It is our goal to educate and incentivise others to consider their environmental impact and how we can all contribute to reducing it. As such we are growing the number of initiatives we are involved in to assist others in making more sustainable choices. For example:

  • We make our customers and teams aware of easy to adopt environmental tactics: sorting of waste, use of ecological hygiene products, optimal boat handling to limit fuel consumption, and waves that can damage the banks, etc.
  • We promote local merchants and craftsmen to our customers, to encourage customers to shop local and purchase locally made produce and crafts.
  • We sell local products in the shops on our bases.
  • We continue to commit to our annual sponsorship of the replanting of the Canal du Midi.

Locaboat, attentive to the needs of its employees

Locaboat is focused on supporting the personal development of our employees. We offer each staff member a range of training and internal mobility opportunities. In addition, we protect the well-being at work of each employee, implement solutions to encourage effective employee communication, and make parity and equal opportunities a priority.

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