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Rent a self-drive canal boat or a Pénichette®

Locaboat Holidays’ fleet provides consistent high quality across the board. Rental boats and Pénichettes®, as well as the Europa and Linssen models, are all extremely comfortable, easy to handle and are perfect for boating holidays on a self-drive boat, with no licence required.


Can I really rent a boat with no licence as easily as it sounds?

Under European law, it is legal to rent a boat without a licence on certain waterways. The water conditions in such areas are generally calm and pleasant. Locaboat’s self-drive boats range from 9 and 15 metres in length but have been designed to be easy to handle and manoeuvre.

Finally, rest assured that we won’t let you set off before we’re certain you’re fully prepared. We are authorised to train our customers to operate self-drive boats with no licence. At the start of your cruise, a technician will spend time explaining how your boat works and the necessary manoeuvresOnce you’re completely confident, you can set off on your boating holiday – you’re the skipper, after all.

How to pick the right boat?
Let us help you!

OUR RANGE of boats

You will know by now that after choosing one of our many destinations – perhaps France for its famous Canal du Midi cruise or Italy to visit Venice – you need to choose a self-drive boat to match your budget, group size and crew. You can find out all about our different boat types below; if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Pénichettes Evolution®

Based on the strengths of the existing family of Penichettes®, this new generation of boats offers a completely new cruising experience.

Brochure price

From € 1 386
or € 347 person / week


Choose one of the finest yachts with the Linssen Grand Sturdy 34.9 boat! Elegance, high-quality furnishings and comfortable sailing are the hallmarks of these renowned boats.

Brochure price

From € 1778
or € 297 person / week


Cosy, elegant and designed as small yachts, the Europa boats offer decidedly modern comfort and aesthetics.

Brochure price

From € 1946
or € 348 person / week

Pénichettes Flying Bridge®

The latest range of Pénichettes®, offering considerable comfort thanks to their double internal and external helm positions.

Brochure price

From € 1 190
or € 238 person / week

Pénichettes Aft-Deck®

A spacious and well-lit boat, characterised by its lovely protected terrace at the rear.

Brochure price

From € 1 113
or € 186 person / week

Pénichettes Classique®

The traditional Pénichette®, very easy to pilot and perfect for couples and families.

Brochure price

From € 784
or € 157 person / week

Boat and Pénichette®: comfort and equipment?

Locaboat boats are as comfortable to live in as an apartment. You’ll find a kitchen (called a ‘galley’ in boating terminology) equipped with a fridge, hot plates, a worktop and usually an oven (all boats except the Linssen model). All necessary kitchenware and crockery can be found on board. We also provide sheets, duvets, bath towels and dishcloths. There’s almost nothing you have to bring yourself, but if you’re unsure take a look at the pre-departure checklist.

All our boats have a main room and one or more cabins. Except for the Pénichette Classique®, all our rental boats have an outside deck where a table can be placed for al-fresco dining.

Self-drive boats: what about children’s safety?

Safety is a primary concern for those with young children. Our boats are specially adapted and very safe, and problems are extremely rare on canals and lakes. For the most risk-averse parents, we recommend Pénichette® models rather than boats from the Europa or Linssen ranges because they come equipped with guard rails around the outside of the boat. Please also be aware that children tend to adapt more quickly than adults to conditions on board. For these reasons, ensuring child safety on a boat is no more difficult than on dry land.

Pénichette moored deep in the countryside in Brittany

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