A cruise along the waterways is an adventure in itself – but the excitement doesn’t stop there. Boating holidays also give you the chance to dive into the water and enjoy a memorable swim.


Enjoy your time on the water… and in it!

Boating holidays are a time for relaxing, having fun, exploring new places… and of course swimming. On your Pénichette® you can enjoy the water from the boat, or jump off the pontoon and splash around to your heart’s content… And if you need any persuading, here are three good reasons why you should take the plunge. Like everybody, you probably love sandy beaches and rocky coves, but maybe you’d prefer a choice: fresh water one day and the sea the next? If so, enjoy the calm of a lake or river and then take the helm, fully refreshed, and head for new horizons. Looking for a holiday that combines swimming and relaxation with cultural excursions or wildlife? Cruise from one place to the next, practise your breaststroke against a backdrop of magnificent scenery or a hilltop château… It’s all possible. Does swimming mean underwater exploration to you? Slip on your snorkel and mask and marvel at the clear depths where you might encounter a few sparkly travelling companions.


Take the plunge with our selection of waterways routes

Here are our top two ‘special swimming’ routes on rivers and lakes, suitable for experienced or novice swimmers.


Boating holidays on the calm waters: jump straight in!

You spend every summer at the seaside, enjoying a bit of fun in the water and perfecting your famous backstroke. Fancy something different this year? A journey through Europe’s lakes, rivers and canals will give you a whole new perspective.

If you decide to conquer the wilderness of the Camargue you could try swimming across the Thau lagoon to reach the distant pink flamingos. Or maybe you’ll moor at the harbour and visit the local beaches for a day.

Meanwhile, Germany’s Lake Muritz and the Mecklenburg Lakes offer the perfect combination of cruising through the countryside and swimming in the clearest waters you can imagine.

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The Charm of the Camargue

Camargue, a vast wetland with many different aspects, a place where bulls, Camargue horses, pink flamingos and other migratory birds all live side by side.

A barge holiday in the heart of Mecklenburg, Germany

I’ve always admired intrepid travellers who aren’t afraid to brush up against nature in its raw state, virtually untouched by man.


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