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Holland is familiar and exotic at the same time, but there’s one thing the whole world knows: the Dutch had to fight to win back their land from the water, driving back the sea and digging out amazing canals in its character towns.


A canal boat cruise is the best way to discover the real Holland

Boat hire in Holland makes an ideal holiday if you’re a fan of windmills, artists and flowers… and of course boats! Exploring the area by canal boat gives you the chance to take in this land of sailors, which was once the commercial powerhouse of the entire world. A cruise through Holland’s waterways is a really special experience, which you can round off with a weekend in Amsterdam or Utrecht to enjoy some cultural heritage. Step on board your no-license boat to explore Holland at the easy pace of the canals: you’ll discover a fascinating region, known for its tolerance as well as its passion for rivers and canals, not to mention its love of flowers, which you can see on show at the famous Keukenhof tulip garden, the biggest in the world. Holland has been a source of inspiration for some of the greatest artists, including Van Gogh, Vermeer and Rembrandt, and there’s a huge range of museums and galleries to visit. Along your route, you’ll uncover local mysteries as you explore the wonderful canals and landscaped lakes. And this is the perfect place to enjoy some watersports and outdoor activities, such as fishing or canoeing, stand up paddle boarding, and of course swimming. The colourful scenes you encounter will make your Dutch cruise an experience you’ll never forget.


Holland, a paradise of lakes

Lakes and canals are the very essence of your Dutch getaway. Orchards and forests along the banks, outdoor activities or quiet contemplation – you can have it all.


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On a boat hire holiday in Holland, the country gently unfolds along the waterways.

When someone mentions Holland, do you think of windmills, romantic canals, delicious cheeses and huge fields of tulips? Well if that’s on your wish list, you won’t be disappointed


Boat hire in Holland gives you access to a superb network of waterways

Boat hire in Holland gives you access to a superb network of waterways, where every day on your canal boat will bring new, varied and vivid experiences.

Boating holidays and waterways are what this region is all about: it’s criss-crossed by a network of small canals. When you rent a boat in Holland, you can choose from a range of themed routes, which means everyone can find an aspect of the region that interests them. You could discover gourmet Holland on your self-drive boat, cruise through unspoilt natural landscapes, or sample the high culture of cities like Amsterdam, or all of the above…

One thing is certain: Holland isn’t lacking in culture. This was once the home of famous painters, so the region has a wide range of galleries, mainly in Amsterdam and Utrecht, which are considered Holland’s cultural treasure-houses. Whatever aspect of Holland you’re dreaming about, there’s nothing to stop you getting away from it all and making that dream come true: you can cruise all of Holland’s waterways on a no-license boat and they’re all perfect for first-timers. Boat hire in Holland means soaking up the region’s really special atmosphere, with tulips and windmills along the banks, enjoying a peaceful and magical voyage that can also be a gourmet experience. Whether you’re taking in the scenery from your canal boat or exploring dry land, maybe on a bike – because it’s heaven for cyclists too – everything here seems a little bit exotic, even though it’s not far away.

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