Enjoy boating holidays on the lakes of Mecklenburg, the pride of Germany’s waterways. These huge lakes are unspoilt and have marinas at regular intervals, so you can take a break from helming your self-drive boat. A superb destination for a cruise!


The inspiring Mecklenburg Lakes offer superb waterways cruising

Boating holidays on the lakes of Mecklenburg and Lake Müritz are full of unique experiences. This is a place where you can really reconnect with nature. At the helm of your no-license boat, you’ll cruise through immense lakelands with finely-shaped banks, watching the changing colours of the sky. This inland region of Germany is beautifully unspoilt, with forests as far as the eye can see where you can draw a sense of calm from the vast open spaces. Rent a boat from Locaboat to tap into this rare experience. You’ll also come across sailing boats and canoes on your boating holidays. You can watch sea eagles take off, and ospreys and cranes leaving for their long migrations. One of the most beautiful regions of Germany, between Berlin and Rostock, this is a real inland sea, with majestic lakes shimmering between beautiful wooded hills. There are fertile meadows all around, dotted with romantic villages and historic castles where time seems to have stood still. It’s a beautiful journey, which is made even better when you take a cruise on a self-drive boat: you can travel at your own pace to enjoy every moment of serenity.


From the Mecklenburg wilderness to Lake Müritz with its wonderful bird life

Some of the purest waters in Europe, perfect for swimming, and untamed nature along the banks… that’s the promise of this region in north-west Germany.

Discover the map of the
destination and its waterways

The five must-see attractions to make your cruise on the Mecklenburg Lakes a success

A leading nature reserve, one of the main tourist destinations in Germany and the new star of boating holidays… the lakes of Mecklenburg are full of surprises.


The best discoveries in the Mecklenburg region are made from the water

Boating holidays on the lakes of Mecklenburg are just as suitable for beginners as they are for old hands. On board your no-license boat, you’re ‘master under God’: you can cruise from lake to lake just as you like. This region is famous for its natural treasures, vast stretches of water and patchwork of lakes. Rent a boat here and you’ll really get away from everyday life. But to make the best of your cruise in one of the most beautiful waterways regions on earth, there are a few tips to bear in mind. For example, you need to know that the method for mooring is not exactly the same as when you’re on a canal. Here, you can either tie up your self-drive boat on a pontoon in a marina or anchor in water that is some of the purest in Europe. Either way, your waterways guide will be vital for understanding buoys and other signage on your route. Once you’ve got your head around all this, you can relax on your Pénichette® and enjoy your cruise to the full.


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