partership with

Linssen Boating Holidays

Offering a large number of boats in various sizes and with different types of accomodation as well as an extensive selection of exclusive and exciting destinations throughout Europe enables us to create maximum synergy and serve our loyal customers even better.


Focus on exciting brand new boating destinations in Europe!

For those who wish to cruise throughout Europe on a Linssen boat, brand new destinations are now available. You will indeed be able to discover amazing locations such as:


New Linssen models throughout Europe!

Everybody knows about Linssen boats high quality standards and our alliance will allow you to have an even wider choice of Linssen models all around Europe. As an example, have a closer look to the 5 most requested Linssen models:

Linssen GS 36.9 AC

Maximum comfort: 4 persons

Linssen GS 40.9 AC

Maximum comfort: 6 persons

Linssen GS 34.9 AC

Maximum comfort: 4 persons

Linssen GS 30.9 AC

Maximum comfort: 4 persons

Linssen GS 29.9 AC

Maximum comfort: 4 persons

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