Make sure you’re on deck when the sun goes down!

Nature lovers, dreamers and budding photographers: grab a good spot on the forward deck of your Pénichette® to capture the last rays of sunshine. This summer, here at Locaboat, we’ve picked ten of our favourite spectacular sunsets!

The sparkling canals of France


Camargue reflections

With nothing to obscure the view, the unspoilt stretches of the Camargue offer a breathtaking horizon. Fringed with ponds and marshes, the waters of the Petit-Rhône create endless shimmers.

Lustre of the Loire

From the top of two imposing pillars, the famous Briare canal bridge offers superb views as you cruise along at a height of 11 metres with your houseboat. At sunset, the canal bridge becomes a magical place, as France’s longest river basks in the last rays of sunlight.

A real fairy tale

A cruise with your houseboat through Brittany feels like a journey through a childhood fairy tale. The famous Josselin Castle, on the banks of the River Oust, catches the last fiery rays of the sun and its stones turn red, as if the whole castle was blushing with pleasure!

Leaves of gold

A cruise through Burgundy from Saint-Léger-sur-Dheune is also a wine tour. At sunset, the rows of famous vineyards look as if they’re on fire in the sun’s last rays (don’t worry – it’s quite safe!).

Enjoy the last swim of the day

On the Canal de la Marne au Rhin, make the most of sunset at the Etang de Gondrexange. It is the place for pike fishing, but also for swimming. It’s an ideal spot for an evening dip in the Alsace waters by the last light of the day.


The waterways of Europe seen at their best


Better than a gondola trip!

In Venice, as soon as the sun goes down, crowds of tourists head for the gondolas to experience sunset from the lagoon. But the height of luxury is sipping something sparkling as you relax on your very own floating cafe terrace 😉

Reinventing Amsterdam’s canals

They call it the ‘Venice of the North’ – and you can see why when the sun goes down. There’s nothing more romantic than cruising in Amsterdam towards the sunset as its last rays illuminate one bridge after another.

Wild panoramas in Mecklenburg

In the heart of Mecklenburg, the Fleesensee provides the perfect natural getaway. It’s the kind of natural setting where you can reflect and contemplate – and as the sun sets, you’ll lay down memories that are hard to put into words.

Toasting a beautiful day in Irland

From our base at Carrick-on-Shannon, you can explore Ireland’s treasures by day and enjoy the nightlife until dawn! Or, if you’re planning to stop off at Ballyconnell, you’ll find the famous nightlife gets really hot as the sun cools down – keep up!

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  1. McIntyre says:

    Excellent summaries of the various options, having enjoyed one of the loca boat experiences in France we are keen to do another, but 2022 does not look likely because of COVID return traveller restrictions likely to remain for some time here in NZ

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