Unique experiences in Burgundy from your canal boat

Whether you’re a connoisseur of Pinot Noir, the number one grape variety used in the wines of Burgundy, or whether you simply fancy exploring one of the most beautiful parts of France, choosing Burgundy guarantees you will discover a unique heritage while at the same time enjoying fine foods accompanied by outstanding wines.

Every self-respecting bon viveur really should visit this region at least once in a lifetime. To get the very best out of Burgundy, Locaboat offers self-drive canal boat cruises that’ll give you perfect freedom and glorious peace. Dine to your heart’s content on a feast fit for Bacchus, either in your self-drive Pénichette® or in one of the region’s best restaurants. Memories are made of this.

Locaboat operates in conjunction with the ‘France Tours’ travel agency to bring you selected heritage- and gastronomy-based activities that will turn your holiday into something special. Just take your pick! These activities are available with departure point from our base at Saint Léger sur Dheune. For further information or to make a booking, call us on +33 (0)493 218 219 or [email protected].


> These activities are available with departure points at Saint Léger sur Dheune
> These activities must be booked at least one month in advance
> The majority of these activities are available in French and in English
> These activities can be accessed on foot from your boat, or transport from the canal is provided where necessary.
> From €30 per person


Discover local specialities such as ‘escargots de Bourgogne’ (snails from Burgundy), ‘nonettes’ (spiced buns), ‘jambon persillé’ (ham in aspic, with parsley), Burgundy’s famous truffles, ‘beef Bourguignon’, ‘oeufs meurettes’ (eggs in red wine sauce) and much, much more…

Gourmet heritage’ tour of Chagny (exclusive)

Meet up with your guide in Chagny for a guided tour of the town. Your guide’s knowledge of its history and heritage, and recommendations on the best places to eat, will make this experience a cultural and gastronomic highlight that you and your taste buds will never forget! Chagny – drink it all in, and enjoy!
Personal tour guide offering three visits to local producers to taste their products (cheese, chocolate, preserves)

Cookery classes in Rully with onsite tasting (exclusive)

You’ll be greeted with a cup of coffee, and then, following the chef’s instructions, you’ll all prepare the dishes of your choice – macaroons, Burgundy specialities and savoury nibbles.
You’ll taste what you’ve made there and then, and you’ll also be given a recipe book to take home.

Local produce cookery morning: buying & cookery class on the boat

Sandrine will be your guide on a Tuesday at Chagny Market, or on a Thursday visiting local food producers based near your mooring, to help you buy what you need to make today’s special menu. Back on board your boat you’ll prepare the meal together – and then you’ll get to eat it!



An opportunity to discover the famous appellations that have made Burgundy’s wine estates household names all over the world, an experience that’ll really tickle your taste buds…

A wine estate at Chagny

Vineyard visit and wine-tasting.
Any day of the week, the owners will come and pick you up at the quayside and take you to their wine estate for a guided tour and wine-tasting.
Choose from two options: a wine discovery tour, or a wine and local specialities discovery tour

Wine made by the monks of Cluny abbey

In the magnificent setting of Cluny Abbey, your foray into the world of wine will be an experience that delights both the spirit and the senses! Your personal guide will lead you in the footsteps of the Cistercian monks to discover the treasures hidden in Cluny’s cellars

Wine tours departing from Chagny (exclusive)

Your chauffeur is a personal guide specialized in wine, who will accompany you on a half-day tour of the Burgundy vineyards between Beaune and Chagny. Whatever you want to know about geology, history, vine-growing or wine-making techniques, you can ask him during your three-hour tour, punctuated by visits to local wine-growers for tours and tastings including a ‘mâchon’ (typical Burgundy snack) in a wine-cellar, or outside if weather permits.

Discover Chardonnay grapes

Setting off from the village of Chardonnay, your guide will tell you all about the village’s geology as it relates to wine-growing, the grape varieties, and the wines that bear the name. You’ll taste the Chardonnays of the Chardonnay area, which varies with the type of land and the method of production.



Discover the magnificent abbeys and other sacred buildings with which Burgundy is blessed, and the historical importance of this region…

A bike ride along the Saône from Fleurville (exclusive)

From Fleurville, your guide will cycle with you along the Saône and explain the part played by the river in the local environment and economic development, how it works (in particular its flood tides), and its fauna and flora. Following a very easy route between Fleurville and Tournus, this excursion will be adapted to suit the abilities of those taking part.

Story-telling tour of Tournus (exclusive)

Jarl le Chevelu (Jarl the Hairy) will escort you around Tournus on a tongue-in-cheek historical tour in search of Charles le Chauve (Charles the Bald)!
Two hours packed with anecdotes, thrills and strange discoveries, punctuated by a surprise refreshment stop, which will be fun for people of all ages.



We haven’t forgotten about your little ones! The whole family can have fun and learn new things together; here are some activities that the kids will enjoy just as much as the grown-ups.

Prehistoric man / Archaeologist workshop at Solutre (exclusive)

Spend an afternoon being a prehistoric man, then an archaeologist! You’ll find that making fire is child’s play, as is going hunting as our ancestors used to do, using a spear-thrower! After that, you’ll learn about archaeological digs. And your visit ends with a souvenir gift!
Private workshop reserved for Locaboat

Treasure hunt at Chalon (exclusive)

Armed with your route map, off you go to discover the city of Châlon, its history, heritage and culture. By yourself or in a group, solving the puzzles will lead you to discover the town in a new way. At the end of the treasure hunt, if you’ve got all the right answers you will be given a present as a reward for your hard work!

Leave with peace of mind with the inclusive pack

Vous êtes de plus en plus nombreux à choisir de naviguer en pénichette® l'esprit libre, en toute sérénité. Aux nouveaux moussaillons, nous allons expliquer pourquoi !

How to moor your boat successfully?

Pour les novices, savoir bien manœuvrer sa pénichette© ou son bateau et réussir à amarrer peut sembler à première vue délicat. Mais si l’on suit quelques conseils d’expert, rien de plus simple !

For Valentine’s day, take a cruise to Venice!

Arriving in the canal boat by Venice lagoon, seeing the campanile and towers of La Serenissima rising over the horizon... an unforgettable experience.

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