For Valentine’s day, take a cruise to Venice!

A romantic getaway: Cruise on the Venice lagoon

With its winding canals, historic palaces and enchanting atmosphere, Venice has long been one of the most popular destinations for couples seeking romance. But beyond the cobblestone streets and bustling squares, there’s a unique and intimate way to explore this alluring city: aboard a license-free Pénichette®… There’s more to Venice than gondolas, and it’s far more exciting!


Your cruise in a nutshell :

Cruising through the calm waters of Venice’s lagoon offers a whole new view of this world-famous city. Rather than getting lost in the crowds, couples can enjoy being on their own, surrounded by the natural beauty and historical heritage that define this unique place.

The Venetian lagoon is full of hidden treasures to discover. Along the way, you can glimpse isolated islands, wild marshes and picturesque fishing villages, each offering a unique charm and fascinating story. Some stops are particularly worth the trip, such as the island of Burano with its colorful houses, or the island of Murano, renowned for its skilled glassblowers.

What makes this cruise truly special, however, is the cozy atmosphere it creates for couples. Gliding silently through the waters, with just the sound of waves lapping against the boat’s hull, it’s easy to feel carried away to a world apart, where only the moments shared with your loved one matter. An unforgettable experience from Locaboat.

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To delight all your senses, and remember that Venice was once the doorway to oriental aromas and spices, enjoy a moment of fragrant relaxation in one of the city’s marvellous spas, or visit the beautiful Palazzo Mocenigo museum, where a brand-new section has been dedicated to the history of perfumes and essences. As Valentine’s Day is traditionally celebrated with a box of chocolates, a visit to Vizio Virtu, one of the lagoon’s most renowned chocolatiers, is a must. Another sweet option is a cup of hot chocolate for two in one of the famous cafés in Piazza San Marco, at Lavena or Caffe Florian. And before returning to your Pénichette®, why not surprise your loved one with a piece of traditional Venetian jewelry – contemporary or antique, from Nardi or Attilio Codognato – the height of luxury! Or maybe a little window-shopping will suffice…


Leave with peace of mind with the inclusive pack

Vous êtes de plus en plus nombreux à choisir de naviguer en pénichette® l'esprit libre, en toute sérénité. Aux nouveaux moussaillons, nous allons expliquer pourquoi !

How to moor your boat successfully?

Pour les novices, savoir bien manœuvrer sa pénichette© ou son bateau et réussir à amarrer peut sembler à première vue délicat. Mais si l’on suit quelques conseils d’expert, rien de plus simple !

For Valentine’s day, take a cruise to Venice!

Arriving in the canal boat by Venice lagoon, seeing the campanile and towers of La Serenissima rising over the horizon... an unforgettable experience.

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