Destination of the month: Saint-Martin-sur-Oust

Our base in Saint-Martin-sur-Oust is ideally located, inviting you to discover the numerous possibilities of fluvial navigation that offers the region of Brittany, which landscapes will no doubt amaze you.

From Nantes to St-Martin-sur-Oust, the navigation is particularly bucolic on board your licence free boat.You will cruise through the Erdre valley with its castles and manor, going though Blain and the Gâvre forest which secular trees are used for naval construction. Do not forget to visit the castle of Groulais that is owned by the Rohan family.

Further West to St-Martin-sur-Oust, still on the same canal from Nantes to Brest, there is one of the most beautiful routes on the waterways. Inland Brittany, with its lights, its water full of fish, its villages of granite and slate, its blue hydrangeas, has always been a source of inspiration for painters. You will then surely be impressed by the donjons of the castle of Josselin.

3 questions to Don, our base manager of Saint-Martin

Why having chosen Saint-Martin-sur-Oust as our brand new base in Brittany ?

We have chosen Saint-Martin because this village is close to the crossroads of the canal from Nantes to Brest and the Canal Manche Océan (in Redon). This location has got the advantage to be very well protected from the flooding of winter, and routes on the waterways are very beautiful starting from this base.

Saint-Martin-sur-Oust is also a charming village that has many beautiful places to visit: its XVe century church, the Saint-Léonard chapel and the Saint-Mathurin chapel with its roman remains, the Née dam along the Oust river or the Castellan castle.

Which route is your favourite starting from Saint Martin ?

My favourite one is the out and back route starting from Saint-Martin going to Josselin, and passing through the village of La Gacilly, l’île aux pies (Magpies Island) and Malestroit. This one week cruise has got few locks (28) and will allow you to cruise through various wonderful landscapes.

Once moored in Josselin, do not forget to visit the famous castle, one of the most famous in Brittany which architecture and its 3 majestic towers are worth a stop.

Check availability for this cruise (from Vivianne the fairy to the Dukes’ castle) here

Why would one choose Saint-Martin as one’s next river cruise ?

For the beauty of the Brittany’s landscapes, which is sometimes unrecognized, but most of all for the welcoming staff of the base, but also for the warm welcome of the lockers and inhabitants of Brittany! All the villages along the Oust River are very friendly.

Leave with peace of mind with the inclusive pack

Vous êtes de plus en plus nombreux à choisir de naviguer en pénichette® l'esprit libre, en toute sérénité. Aux nouveaux moussaillons, nous allons expliquer pourquoi !

How to moor your boat successfully?

Pour les novices, savoir bien manœuvrer sa pénichette© ou son bateau et réussir à amarrer peut sembler à première vue délicat. Mais si l’on suit quelques conseils d’expert, rien de plus simple !

For Valentine’s day, take a cruise to Venice!

Arriving in the canal boat by Venice lagoon, seeing the campanile and towers of La Serenissima rising over the horizon... an unforgettable experience.

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