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Do you like meeting new people, having new experiences and discovering something a bit unexpected? Well, get on board – here’s all you need to know!


Do your shopping without leaving the Canal du Midi

Your cruise from Argens takes you towards Le Somail. After a good night’s sleep, make the most of the morning sunshine on the terrace of your boat and get breakfast ready. Keen to pull out all the stops for your crew? Cruise towards the Allée de la Glacière and get some provisions at the bateau Tamata: bread, fresh croissants and freshly squeezed juice…a gourmet’s paradise in a floating grocery store!


Try out a new water sport at the port of Redon

As you glide smoothly past the green banks of the Nantes-Brest Canal, your Breton tale is one of total tranquillity. And while you’re soaking up the good vibrations, it’s a good time to try out something new: ‘velonautic’ water-biking. Drop anchor at the port of Redon less than 20km from our base at Saint-Martin-sur-Oust and make your way to the Repaire des Aventuriers to try out a new kind of cycling – on the water.


You’ll be on ‘cloud wine’ in the Lot Valley vineyards

Follow the heady scent of the famous black wine of Cahors as you travel by Pénichette® and enjoy fascinating encounters with wine makers, as well as in-depth tasting sessions at vineyards that will stay etched in your memory. The town is the ideal starting point for endless explorations of this wonderful wine country. Stopping over at the Château Armandière is a breeze: you can moor directly to the quay.


Admire Murano masterpieces during a cruise to Venice

Less than 2km from Venice is the famous ‘glass island’, where the pretty winding streets are crammed with famous glassmaking workshops. Glassblowing is a real art here: the big names in glassmaking still ply their trade here and give demonstrations of their craft as well. Before getting back on the vaporetto – the water bus that winds its way along the Venice canals – enjoy some peace and quiet in the island’s gardens and breathe in the heady scent of jasmine, which flourishes here.   


Visit to the 6th lock of the Canal du Nivernais

As your Pénichette® glides from Fleury to Biches, your eye will be caught by a delightful little house covered in greenery: this lock house is known as the ‘Planche du Belin’ and belongs to Gérard Mazière. This friendly host will give you a warm welcome and invite you to enjoy some tea and share his little paradise of curiosities: oddities, creations and ironwork artistry – it’s a colourful piece of Burgundy right here!   


Fish for your supper in the Mecklenburg Lakes

You might consider getting yourself a tourist fishing licence. With a bit of patience, you’ll catch some of the finest fish hiding in the pure waters of the Mecklenburg Lakes. But it doesn’t matter if you come away empty-handed, as there are plenty of neighbourhood restaurants where fresh fish tops the menu, or you can stock up at a fishmonger and enjoy an on-board barbecue!     

Leave with peace of mind with the inclusive pack

Vous êtes de plus en plus nombreux à choisir de naviguer en pénichette® l'esprit libre, en toute sérénité. Aux nouveaux moussaillons, nous allons expliquer pourquoi !

How to moor your boat successfully?

Pour les novices, savoir bien manœuvrer sa pénichette© ou son bateau et réussir à amarrer peut sembler à première vue délicat. Mais si l’on suit quelques conseils d’expert, rien de plus simple !

For Valentine’s day, take a cruise to Venice!

Arriving in the canal boat by Venice lagoon, seeing the campanile and towers of La Serenissima rising over the horizon... an unforgettable experience.

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