A gastronomic getaway in Briare

Head for the department of Loiret and the Briare base and step aboard your self-drive boat for a gastronomic getaway! The Centre-Val de Loire region offers lots of tasty culinary specialities and rich, delicious wines. Visit Briare and the surrounding area to try out three unmissable restaurants.

The Domaine des Roches

On arrival in Briare, you could start your gastronomic getaway by stopping off at the Domaine des Roches. This four-star hotel houses one of the best restaurants in the region. The chef Thomas Chauvet offers an inventive cuisine that reflects both land and sea, based on fresh produce from the local market. Hotel residents and clients who are just passing through are welcome to sample its delights. A wide range of flavours and a creative approach are the hallmarks of this restaurant, which serves up dishes in the elegant, tasteful surroundings of its dining room as well as on its sunny terrace on fine days. Your inner gourmet will love the veal cooked in truffle oil, purple carrots and raspberries or monkfish with citrus fruit and hibiscus vinaigrette!

Le Domaine des Roches
2, rue de la plaine
45250 Briare

The Clos du Vigneron

At Ousson-sur-Loire, just a short walk from the famous canal bridge designed by Eiffel, not far from Briare, the Clos du Vigneron is both a character hotel and one of the region’s unmissable gastronomic venues. This is the place to sample the Loiret’s local produce in elegant, authentic dishes. The aim of the chef, Cédric Botté, is to produce a high-quality regional cuisine that’s full of surprises, whilst laying the emphasis on fresh seasonal produce. You can sample outstanding dishes, such as bonbons d’escargots (snails in angel-hair pastry with garlic and parsley) or ris de veau (calves’ sweetbreads), in the elegant dining room or on the hotel terrace. A wine list featuring the best of the region’s wines will complement your meal!

Le Clos du Vigneron
106 Grande Rue
45250 Ousson sur Loire

Chocolats et Chimères

Want to try one last gourmet visit before the end of your holiday? The ideal place is the Chocolats et Chimères tearoom, near the canal bridge in Briare. Located on the site of a former canal bridge guardroom, it offers ice creams, confectionery and chocolate and will turn your head with its nougats, macaroons, homemade ice cream and cloädius: small sweets that are a house speciality. You might sometimes have to be patient: this is a very popular venue, but we guarantee it’s worth the wait!

Chocolats et Chimères
Pont Canal
45250 Briare

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