Holidays with your dog in a boat without a licence

The tale of a happy dog on a Pénichette®


The family’s all together for the summer holidays, and this summer you’re cruising on one of Locaboat’s famous Pénichettes®. But no holiday is complete without your feathered or furry friend! Luckily, they’re welcome on our boats, and are totally safe during your cruise on the inland waterways.

Here’s the story of Locadog who tells us all about his first time on board and talks about his favourite doggy memories!


An incredible vacation with his dog aboard a barge


“I was promised unlimited space, and best of all I was promised lots of splashing around and endless walks…and I certainly wasn’t disappointed! People here are very kind and friendly: I get petted by everyone I meet – it feels good to be on holiday. Walking across the gangplank from the mainland we arrive in our cosy floating nest, where I find all the home comforts right here: a snuggly sofa and a big living room. Things look even better when the windows are opened: by using the side decks I can stand guard for the family, as well as grabbing a few naps up there. We dive into the water a few times during the week – I’m never the last one in – and there’s plenty of peaceful, easy cruising along the way with some wag-tastically wonderful walks to stretch my legs. I always manage to sniff out new surprises during our walks, and everyone loves them – I become an excellent guide and mascot for the whole crew. We’ve also had a great time meeting new people, I feel free and happy here, and I’m also better behaved and listen more. Everything is going well, I am completely safe and there’s no risk to me thanks to all the safety equipment and the guard rails that stop me from falling overboard. On the way back home I’m already planning the next explorations we could all enjoy together with Locaboat, but meanwhile I’m holding onto my captain’s hat!”


Getting the most of travelling with your dog: what you need to know!


Top destination: France. This is the area with the greatest number of stopover points that welcome four-legged friends.

Top boat: the Pénichette® Terrasse. The covered outside area looks directly into the living space so you can always keep an eye on what’s going on outside.

Don’t forget to bring: blanket, dog basket, bowl and other playthings. Remember all of your canine companion’s usual bits and pieces.

Be prepared: you will be asked to pay a small supplement so that your furry friend can join the crew.

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10 Essentials to take with you on a Pénichette

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