The gourmets great circle route

The inland waterways routes offered by Locaboat have always made it possible to discover landscapes and the pleasures of the table: passing a famous vineyard here, encountering great French specialities there, and local produce just about everywhere. For truly dedicated gourmets or enthusiastic foodies, we’re offering a holiday called “La Grande boucle des gourmets” (The Gourmets’ Great Circle Route): three weeks of waterborne relaxation and the best of French flavours!

We’re now offering three Gourmets’ Great Circle Routes: one leaving from Briare in the department of Loiret, another from Corbigny in the Nièvre, and the third from Joigny in the Yonne. You might be pleased to hear that all three cross Burgundy and pass through Sancerre! A not-to-be-missed stopover amongst the vineyards, Sancerre is not only a lovely medieval village on a hillside, but also the home of Crottin de Chavignol. You can try this famous goat’s cheese with a glass of the no-less-famous wine white (although red and rosé are also available). So visits to wine cellars will be the order of the day, but you might also find time to stroll through some of Burgundy’s delicious markets, where you can taste many of the region’s speciality cheeses, especially the famous Cancoillotte, admittedly a native of Franche-Comté but widely available in Burgundy too.

And did you know that Burgundy also has 29 restaurants with Michelin stars? Many of these are located in Beaune and Dijon, but if you set off from the Joigny base, you can find delicious meals in La Côte St-Jacques, one of France’s most prestigious restaurants. Right on the waterside of the Yonne river, this two-star restaurant is managed by master chef Jean-Michel Lorain.

You will be able to enjoy special offers, including a free aperitif, free access to the spa or reductions in the shop, all thanks to the partnership that Locaboat has set up from this year onwards with La Côte Saint-Jacques.

And for anyone passing through Sens, La Madeleine, proudly displaying its one star, is also a magnet for gourmets. In Nevers, part of the programme for the three routes, you can stop off for a gastronomic experience at the restaurant run by Jean-Michel Couron, another top-class restaurant with a Michelin star.

In Auxerre, which is also on all three circular routes, you can taste the famous gougères (puff pastry filled with cheese), with Burgundy snails and Bœuf Bourguignon. But Montargis might be the ideal place for your dessert course. This was the place where, in the 17th century, they invented pralines, those irresistible grilled, caramelised almonds. You can find them at Maison Mazet, a confectioners shop that has been famous since the 19th century.

Whichever route you choose, you will have cruised over 550 km aboard your Pénichette® in three weeks. Such efforts definitely deserve a reward!

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