Boating holidays in the South West of France

Leaving from Agen with your river boat, you can cruise along the Lot, Baïse, Tarn or Canal de Garonne and discover towns steeped in history, such as Villeneuve-sur-Lot, Vianne, Buzet and Moissac.

During your boating holiday, you can enjoy an incredibly rich 80 km itinerary through the lovely Lot Valley. Spectacular natural beauty goes hand-in-hand with medieval villages such as Clairac and Castelmoron. Casseneuil is a real mini Venice, with half-timbered houses overhanging the river.

On-board your self-drive boat, do not miss Pujols, ranked among the 'most beautiful villages in France', Penne d’Agenais, which provides a perfect illustration of the tumultuous history of the country, or the mills at Lustrac and Sauriac, before discovering the castle at Lapoujade.


South West of France map


Gascony, Lot, Baïse, TarnStart bases: AGEN, VALENCE SUR BAÏSE

Canal cruise in the South West of France

Canal Latéral à la Garonne, Lot, Baïse, Tarn

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Things to see in South West

  • Fishing from your self-drive boat

    Penichette cruising in the heart of natureCarps, roach, white bleaks, eels, white fish, pikes, poles, perches: A cruise in the South West of France has a lot to offer for occasional as well as true passionate fishermen.

    There will be for every taste From sporting fishing to a more relaxed one, there is fishing for everyone’s level. You will be close to the wildlife all day… Before meeting around a tasty treat! To be able to fish, you will need a licence. This licence is priced at € 30 for 7 days and can be purchased at our base. It is valid for all rivers whatever area you spend your holiday.

    More information on the fishing license: (website in French)

  • Pujols

    The beautiful village of Pujols in the south west of francePerched on top of a hill overlooking the Lot valley, this ancient Albi stronghold has survived centuries and wars without losing its medieval appearance: the ruins of the walls and the castle, fortified gates etc.

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  • The Agen Aqueduct

    Locaboat self-drive hire-boat, crossing the bridge near Agens, south west FranceThe first stone for the Agen Aqueduct was laid in 1839 by the Duke of Orléans. Construction took 10 years and was plagued by interruptions and difficulties. Built entirely from Quercy stone, it is the largest aqueduct in France in terms of size. The waterway measures 8.82 m and is flanked by two towpaths which allow cruising in only one direction, crossing the Garonne near Agen.

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