Burgundy: go with the flow on gastronomic holidays

The land of epicureans, Burgundy in France is one of the best known regions for river and canal cruising, and especially for the gastronomic treasures on offer: snails, coq au vin, delicious cheese-filled pastries, Charolais beef and truffles to name just a few. Burgundy is definitely a place to tickle the taste buds of the most discerning palate. A relaxing way to enjoy the delicious products from this region is to take a Locaboat trip with family or friends, and go with the flow as you head for your next culinary destination.

The humourist Raymond Devos used to say “When I’m travelling I look at the wine list to avoid unpleasant bottlenecks” – but on your Pénichette® canal boat, there will be no unpleasant bottlenecks this year, either on the water or at the table. The only thing you’ll be contemplating is which wine to savour* as you enjoy your peaceful gastronomic holidays from lock to lock, serenaded by the sound of the gently lapping water and the breeze blowing through the reeds. Glide from village to village as you enjoy the view from the deck of your self-drive boat, a glass of fine Burgundy in your hand, and savour the day’s gastronomic delights: there are 1001 culinary experiences to explore scattered across the landscape at the junction of the Burgundy and Yonne canals.

In the first rays of the morning sun, jump on your bike and head to Joigny market to choose the best Morvan spiced honey cake to liven up your breakfast. After a short cycle ride along the towpath that runs beside the canal, it’s lunchtime, when everybody is busy in the kitchen. Here, once again, Burgundy cuisine brings you only the best: from fine marbled ham from the Côté d’Or to fresh fish from the Saône valley – the choice is yours. Enjoy the afternoon relaxing on the deck of your Locaboat Pénichette®, snacking on delicious marmotte cherries from Auxerre as you sail along. A short nap later, it’s cocktail hour and you’re ready for new gourmet experiences: you ponder over the evening’s culinary plans. You’re torn between a gastronomic dinner at the Côte Saint-Jacques prepared by starred Chef Jean-Michel Lorain, or a gourmet-style menu in Nevers at the famous Restaurant Jean-Michel Couron!

Find details of all Locaboat’s gastronomic tours in Burgundy and let your taste buds be your guide!

*Alcohol abuse can be harmful to your health

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